Win Money Writing – Paychecks Are Printed on Paper

I came to the conclusion that paychecks are printed on paper and so are your writings so you might as well get paid to write. These are my suggestions on how writers can get paid to do what they do…

It was like I was dreaming but I was awake when I saw a vision of a check coming to me for something I had written. I believe that every writer’s dream is to get paid for what they love to do. Maybe it is just to share their unique views, imagined inventions and creative expressions with the world. Even if you would write for free how much better would it be to get paid for what you would do for no charge?

Many writers have dreams that turn into nightmares as they struggle for a way to get published. How scary it is when broad daylight turns to night before your face because the light of your writing can’t seem to shine through anywhere. I know this dark fate but I also know that because I am a writer I can write my own ticket and put something on paper that will create a light brighter than any sky adorned by the sun with my words.

Yes, I said, “My Words!” The first thing an author must do is to own their words. Everything you script out of your essence belongs to you and has an extreme value far beyond what anyone will pay for it. What price can you place on creation, imagination and gifted scripted expression? The words we offer as poets and authors touch and change lives and that is priceless.

During the course of my lifetime I have learned that purpose is the reason why a thing exists. If you are living, breathing and moving it means that you have purpose because you exist. A car’s purpose is to transport people. A chair’s purpose is to provide people with a place to sit. Your purpose as a writer is to take what is in you and reproduce it on the printed page.

Some of the greatest writers of all time such as William Shakespeare, Maya Angelo, Edgar Allen Poe, Winston Churchill and others have not only paved the way for your literary genius, they have opened up a spot for you in the Writer’s Hall of Fame. As a writer that is truly passionate about your purpose you need to uncover the mystery of the history of writing and realize the present as a gift to write upon for the possibilities of the future. You could be the next great writer of this common age.

It was when I was a little girl that I came into the knowledge that I was a writer. I didn’t have the money to purchase my mom a birthday card so I made one for her and wrote a poem for her inside of it. What a glorious feeling it was for her to read my writing and love it; not just because she was my mom but because it was heart felt and good.

From that moment on I was a writer. I was always different but I like to call it extraordinary as writers often are. Don’t worry about being misunderstood; many great writers are and being misunderstood is an opportunity for explanation and translation such as the world has never seen. In my teens I created works of unbelievable magnitude; when I read these works years later I had no understanding as to how I could have written such excellence at such a young age. Now I know that in the prime of youth is when we are most free and untainted by the world’s views. These times in our lives provide the platforms for some of our most excellent performances.

I’ve worked many jobs in my day and not one of them has been my dream job which is to be a writer that gets paid for doing what I love. For awhile I received gratification simply for the compliments of those who read my writings. Now I want and more and I suspect if you are reading this you do too. So how do you get paid for doing what seems like play and recreation to you? The answer is that you come up with a plan and strategy or a blueprint so to speak to build your writing career from laying a foundation to build it upon.

Before I share with you on how you can get paid to write I would like to give you some information on protecting your creative expressions. When you write you produce what is called intellectual property and there is protection for your IP. Just like you would protect a house or a car you need insurance on your intellectual property which is something known as a copyright.

Most people are under the misconception that you have to have a copyright registered with the Library of Congress to protect your works and that isn’t at all true. I took a course in Copyright, Trademark and Patent Law in an electronic environment and learned so much. I am going to give you some basic truths that will bless you in the sanctuary of your writing but I also encourage you to educate yourself on this subject and further research the intricacies of copyright in an online, electronic or digital environment. The laws are always changing even as fast as the thoughts of your mind. It is also important with the advancement of technology to understand the rules of your playing field which is no longer just on the printed page but is also now on the internet.

Now and days, thieves don’t just break into houses; they steal original creative content from online environments on the internet. One of the first steps any author should take is to protect what they produce which can provide them a living based off of doing what they love.

Every author has a desktop copyright which means that the moment you fix your creative expression into a tangible form such as printing it or recording it in a tangible medium you automatically own copyright to the creative work. The best thing to do to prevent unauthorized duplication and use of your work is to add copyright information to it. This information is the name of the author or entity that creates it, the year it was created, the copyright symbol and wording such as, “copyrighted” or “All Rights Reserved.” This way you are protected even if the work is not registered. Even though the work is protected the very best way to protect it is to obtain a registered copyright. In the event you would ever have to go to court over your creation the registration of the copyright would most likely be needed to help you win the case.

There are several types of copyrights for different types of original creations such as Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets and more. As an author and creator of original material there is a lot for you to learn on copyright subjects such as public domain and fair use. There is too much to say in this article alone but there is a lot of information available to you on the internet. What you learn today informs you beyond what you knew yesterday so I encourage you to learn more. I will say to you that while you are in the plight of protecting your own works learn the laws so that you also don’t infringe upon other’s works. There are steep fines and penalties for copyright infringement and it is important to step lightly in this area.

The exclusive rights given to an author are that of: The Right to Reproduce, The Right to Derivative Works, The Right of Distribution, The Right to Public Display, The Right to Public Performance and The Right to Digitally Transmit. I recommend that you do a Google search on these exclusive rights to understand them in further detail.

The main reason I wrote this article was to provide you with ways you can get paid for your writing. I wish you happy and successful writings. Please find my suggestions below for you to Make Money Writing:

• Protect your original creations with a copyright.
• Use a Publish on Demand Publisher to get your work in formal print.
• Obtain a literary agent to represent you in your writing efforts.
• Publish your writings on the internet on sites where you can publish for free.
• Conduct a buzz campaign starting with family and friends to distribute your work.
• Contact stores and find out how to get your publication on their shelves.
• Advertise your written works for sale.
• Enter writing contests where you can win money for your writings.
• Become known as a writer through social avenues.
• Get booked on radio and television shows.
• Get a professional picture made and put it on all of your writings with a bio.

I wish you all the best in your writing career. As a fellow writer I advise you to do whatever it takes to manifest your dream in a written form that you get paid for. Start out as your own publicist and then graduate to higher levels of publicity. Make a video and put your book’s or creative expression’s information for purchase on YouTube. Get a website and offer your writings for sale. Advertise free whenever and wherever you can. Perfect your writing image. You are huge you just don’t know it yet. Every big time writer you see started out small so don’t despise the day of small beginnings for great shall be your latter ending.

Nobody can tell your stories like you! Paychecks are printed on paper and it is the paper you print your work on as a writer that can get you paid for your writing!

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