When Gas Prices Go Back Up, Gas Cards Can Really Help

Gas prices are soaring and the cost to fill up is gobbling up your monthly budget. How can you save a few bucks at the pump without driving yourself crazy looking for the one station that is a fraction of a cent cheaper than all the rest in your area? Try a gas rebate card.

We’ve all seen them advertised. The cards that repay a percentage of what you spend on gas using your credit card.

These cards can save you money and make filling up less painful, but you have to watch out for a few things:

1.Read the fine print. Most cards give back 3 to 5% on purchases; however, many cards advertise a higher promotional rate, like 10%, for a given amount of time to get people to sign-up. Read the fine print of the contract to know just how much you will save after the introductory period and pick the card with the most long-term savings.

2.Don’t carry a balance. Most of these cards have a very high interest rate. If you generally carry a balance on your cards, you might end up spending more money than you save.

3.Know your buying habits. If you tend to pull into the nearest gas station regardless of brand, look for a general purpose credit card that offers gas rebates. Many general purpose cards also offer rewards of everyday purchases like groceries.  If you tend to go the same gas station for your regular fill-up, then a brand specific card might work best for you.

4.Do your research. Gas rebate cards can be a great way to save at the pump, but you have to be aware of what you are getting into. Take a look at the sites below to learn more about these cards. Be sure to read all of the terms and restrictions so you know exactly how your card works.

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