What Exactly Is A Commercial Bank

Here are many types of financial institutions in an economy. A bank is a deposit type financial institution and they are most commonly recognized as intermediaries because most people use their services on a daily basis and they can also play a part in best forex trading.

Typically deposit institutions issue a variety of checking or savings accounts and time deposits, and they use the funds to make consumer, business, and real estate loans. The interest paid on deposits accounts is usually insured by one of several federally sponsored insurance agencies. Thus, for practical purposes, the deposits are devoid of any risk of loss of principal. Also, these deposits are highly liquid because they can be withdrawn on very short notice usually on demand.

The most common type of bank is the commercial bank. Commercial banks are the largest and most diversified intermediaries on the basis of range of assets held in liabilities issued their liabilities are in the form of checking accounts, savings accounts in various time deposits. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. otherwise known as the FDIC insures bank deposits up to a maximum of $ 100,000. On the asset side commercial banks make a wide variety of loans in all denominations to consumers, businesses, and state and local governments. In addition many commercial banks have trust departments and leasing operations and may underwrite certain classes of securities because of their vital role in the nation’s monetary system and the effect they have on the economic well-being of the communities in which they are located, are among the most highly regulated of all financial institutions which is the reason why they won’t give you forex trading tips.

The role that banks play has evolved over time. And they are now more vital than ever. With each passing year our society becomes closer and closer to a moneyless society. With ATM cards and credit cards the need for cold hard cash is less and less. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing will play a vital role in it as the financial system matures much further than those who created could have imagined.

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