What Does Modular Kitchen Mean?

If you are setting up a business in the catering world, much thought must be given to the outlay of the kitchen in which you will be preparing food for many covers.

There needs to be adequate space to walk around and to prepare and chop meat and vegetables without being in each other’s way. An area should also be designated to the preparation of deserts, away from the meat and veg area.

There are many sites on the internet that specialise in commercial kitchen equipment and before you commit yourself to a design it is prudent to have a look at what they have to offer. This will save leg work and you will be able to find a designer near you to whom you can turn for advice on the layout of the food preparation and cooking area.

Very often designers will now talk about modular cooking suites. What does that mean? What they are talking about are areas which are designed in such a way that there will be less clutter and there are no cables for electrical equipment all over the place that will make you trip over.

The units will be in cubic form and apart from the sink and the ovens which by necessity have to be stationary, other working areas can be moved around to where you want them for easy access, such as chopping tables. These cubical units will be on wheels for easy transport near your cooking area or rinsing facilities.

These catering areas will look sleek and easy to clean and the arrangement will be far more flexible as opposed to a conventional kitchen as the equipment will be put where it is needed. Now you know what modular means, the next thing to consider is the budget.

Of course, before spending much money on the layout of your space, your budget must be considered. As borrowing money at this time is difficult, especially if you are an unknown quantity or risk, it is wise to stick to what you can afford. Your designer will have ranges available to suit every pocket.

If you have to borrow money, the first thing that must be done is to draw up a business plan and, equally important a business forecast. A forecast is an evaluation of what you mean to achieve month by month. This will make you see what the problems are and where opportunities lie. It will give you an insight of how much employees you will be able to afford and what you will be able to pay them. It might also be able to prevent unforeseen cash flow problems.

Armed with all this information you will be able to approach your prospective lender and they will be able to see that you have done your homework. The cheapest form of lending is to get yourself a sleeping partner who will be able to fund all the alterations you must make to your business venture. This person will obviously want remuneration when the business takes off. However, this remuneration will probably cost less than interest rates at the bank.

Such a partner may not have any experience in the field of catering and will be happy to let you get on with your business without undue interference on his part.

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