United States Employment Visas

E-commerce is a growing sector of the global economy. The following article discusses ways in which e-commerce businesses can benefit from American Employment Visas.

E-commerce is a sort of a new trend in the global economy, but it is definitely a sector of global trade that should not be ignored especially as the USA can benefit greatly from recent advances in telecommunication technology. Thanks to the flexibility that enterprises can enjoy as a result of the internet it is now possible for suppliers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers of all types to conduct business on a global level. As the United States boasts some of the most technologically advanced business communities, it stands to reason that foreign ecommerce firms would seek a presence in the USA.

A United States Employment Visa authorizes the visa holder to travel to the United States for employment or business purposes. As a rule, these visas provide visa holders with the ability to setup a business enterprise in the USA while residing there. Some of these visa categories provide instantaneous Lawful Permanent Resident status. For instance, some of the travel documents classified under the EB5 visa category provide the visa holder with lawful permanent residence upon entry into the United States. That said, these travel documents are generally issued to those foreign nationals who are prepared to make a substantial investment in targeted areas of the United States economy.

Aside from the EB-5 category, there are also E2 visas, E1 visas, and L1 visas. These visas are all generally considered to be employment based travel documents, but each has different application requirements. For instance, the E-1 and E-2 visas are generally issued pursuant to language in a bi-lateral or multi-lateral trade agreement between the United States of America and the applicant’s country of origin. Meanwhile, the L1 visa is generally issued to executive and technical employees and transferees of multi-national corporations.

The E1 visa is generally issued to those who are investors in the United States and seeking benefits pursuant to American Treaty obligations. The E2 visa is generally issued to those operating a trading enterprise pursuant to language in a Treaty made between the beneficiary’s home country and the United States of America. In some instances, those present in the US on an E1 or E2 visa may be required to reapply for new visas abroad at regular intervals.

Each of the visa categories briefly mentioned above has its own unique set of criteria for visa issuance. Furthermore, each individual visa application or petition is based upon a unique set of facts regarding the applicant and the sponsoring company (if applicable).Thus, those natural or juristic persons seeking employment visas are advised to contact an American attorney with experience handling American immigration matters as such an attorney could provide insight into the possibility of ultimate issuance. Also, an attorney’s assistance can prove advantageous to applicants during the visa application adjudication process.

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