United Is The Second Largest Airline Company In The World With A Fleet Size of 702

United Airlines is an American Airline company and it is also one of the largest airline company in the world, while its fleet size is recognized as the second largest in the world with 702 aircrafts, having its operations from its main hub at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, it operates from nine other Airports  in the USA and other countries as its hubs.

United Airlines is a member of the founding team of Star Alliance, offering its services connected to 1000 plus destinations spread over 170 countries and it operates a regional service called United Express.

United Airlines establishment is as large as 86852, and its cabin groupings are of multi-classification, with its

•First class having different types of United Global First (New), United Global First (Old), United First (Domestic) and United First (p.s.)
•Business Class classified as United BusinessFirst Suites (New), United BusinessFirst Seats (Old), United BusinessFirst Suites (Continental), United Businesss (p.s.) and United Business (Domestic)
•Economy class grouped as United Economy ( International), United Economy (Domestic) and United Economy Plus.

United Airlines’ Frequent Flyer program is called MileagePlus, in which 10 of its code share agreement partners also participate.

Gulf air came into existence in 1950 and it is the flag airline carrier of Kingdom of Bahrain, operating its flights from its hub in Bahrain International Airport, with its fleet size of 35 serving 41 destinations, both domestic and international, with focus city hubs at Dubai International Airport and Muscat International Airport, carrying its favourite company slogan ‘Your network, your world’, having its code share agreements with as many as 18 international airline companies.

Gulf Air commenced its air transport venture  in late 1940s, started  by a Pilot turned entrepreneur Freddie Bosworth as an Air taxi service between Doha and Bahrain, also between Dhahran and Bahrain, later  in 1950s the major share holdings of this company then called Gulf Aviation was acquired by BOAC, however in 1970s the Governments of Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Oman purchased BOAC’s shares and renamed the Airlines as Gulf Air, also added a subsidiary Gulf Helicopters to it.

Qatar withdrew its share of ownership in 2002, Abu Dhabi followed in 2006, Oman then withdrawing in 2007 to start their respective country’s flag carrier Airline companies, the Government of Bahrain became the sole owner of Gulf Air, since then maintaining the status of Gulf Air as the State owned enterprise of Bahrain.

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