Truth About No Win No Fee Accident Compensation Claims

Although many people are aware of the term “No Win No Fee” not everybody is aware of the complete legalities associated with the term. On the surface this is the name of a contract or an agreement that you make with your personal injury lawyer. Under this agreement the lawyer or the law firm actually agrees to work on your case for no fee whatsoever.

Once this contract has been signed between the injured party seeking the claim and the law firm that has agreed to help them out, there is no fee that the injured party has to pay from here onwards.

Ever since personal injury law firms started to offer No Win No Fee accident compensation services they have been hugely successful. Innocent victims of road accidents, medical malpractice or work related injury can now seek their rightful compensation without having to worry about the legal fees.

Before the advent of the No Win No Fee system in the market seeking accident compensation could be quite a hassle for the injured party. One would have to apply for Public Funding or Legal Aid in order to get some comprehensive coverage. However this method clearly brought to light the flaws of the system as those who were entitled to coverage often missed out and those who were not got more than they deserved. This is the reason why the No Win No Fee system was introduced in the year 2000 in place of the Legal Aid system.

Under this system persons from all financial statuses can actively pursue an accident compensation claim without having to worry about incurring the costs. Ever since the introduction of this method the entire system has become fairer towards the victims of unfortunate accidents.

However there are still some details of the No Win No Fee system that you ought to be well aware of. Although you will not be charged any legal fees by the law firm that you are associated with, there are some disbursement costs that you will have to incur. Basically these costs include things like witness charges, medical records and doctor’s fees.

The better law firms most commonly defer these payments until the case reaches its conclusion. This means you don’t have to pay for these costs up front. If you manage to win the case then you don’t have to pay for these costs at all because they will be retrieved from the losing party’s insurer.

What happens if you lose the case? Personal injury law firms that deal in No Win No Fee contracts also offer an “after the event” insurance compensation which can be used to pay for the disbursements if you happen to lose the claim. This insurance program has been specially developed to help the injured party in cases where the law firm is unsuccessful in retrieving their accident compensation.

With the No Win No Fee accident compensation claim system in place you can contact professional accident consultants for free and have them review your case over the phone. It is best that you don’t delay making your claim as accidents that occurred more than three months ago are unlikely to receive the claims.

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