Traffic Cones for Personal Use

When you see a traffic cone the first thing you may think of is a freeway or a road, but traffic cones, specifically the smaller ones, are a great multi-purpose tool that every home should have. The traffic cone that is best suited for home use is one that is 12 inches tall and weights about 1.5 pounds. Anything larger than this may become bothersome in a home and end up unused.

The first use of traffic cones at home could be to designate areas of your yard that are for gardening, parking or sports. This could save your freshly planted vegetables from getting trampled or keep children from playing in parking spaces when you are expecting numerous guests. The cones also make excellent end zone markers for a friendly game of neighborhood flag football.

Another very common use of traffic cones in the home is teaching young motorists how to drive. These cones can be used to teach parallel parking, excellent maneuverability as well as defensive driving skills. You can also use your cones to designate the line that young children are not allowed to cross when playing or riding bikes. And if you have a driveway that is difficult to spot in the dark you may want to consider putting a cone on each side of your drive way, but these cones should have reflective sleeves for ample visibility.

The bright orange cones could also be deemed very useful inside the house. If there is an out-of-order bathroom in your home a traffic cone in the doorway could prevent people from trying to use it. Or you could put a cone in the entryway of your kitchen letting your family know that you have just mopped and it is not safe to enter yet. Traffic cones may also be used to let friends and family know when there are other general hazards in your home, such as spilled liquid or a weak floor board in the attic.

If you use your traffic cones for one of these purposes, or the dozens of other tasks that they could be used for, you are sure to find them to be a useful household item. Traffic cones are  relatively inexpensive investment that could prove to come in handy sometime in the future.

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