Top Biggest Banks Worldwide 2011

In spite of the financial downfall our world has experienced in recent years due to the economic crisis leading the bankruptcy or closure of some the most trusted and biggest banks in the world, some big others have still survived such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co, HSBC Holdings and so on. 

The American multinational banking and financial services corporation Bank of America is named the largest bank holding company in the United States with the total assets of $ 2,264,909. Founded in 1904, this national bank serves clients in more than 150 countries and has a relationship with 99% of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies and 83% of the Fortune Global 500 and has been serving in globally. It has total assets of $ 2,264,909 and it is located in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US.

Bank of America

JP Morgan Chase & Co has been consistent with its position on the second place which widened its operation worldwide with assets of $ 2 trillion. The Forbes Magazine had made an affirmation that it is the world’s largest public company by its operation.

JP Morgan Chase & Co in America

HSBC Holdings of United Kingdom holds the fifth rank last year and gets a higher spot this year. It has total assets of $ 2,454,689

U.S.’s Citigroup was down one level ranking since it got the third spot last year, marking a remarkable return in spite of the major financial downfall this bank experienced

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group located in Japan grabbed the number 11th spot last year and went up by sixth level higher with total assets of $ 2,480,778

Founded in 1984 in Beijing China, Industrial Commercial Bank is ranked the sixth spot among the top 10 largest bank in the world

Wells Fargo & Co has a total assets of $ 2,258,128 which is a pubic owned company found and headquartered in San Francisco, California

China Construction Bank Corporation is one of the top four biggest banks in China and ranked as the eighth largest bank in the world

Founded in 1912, Bank of China went up by six rankings high, compared to its last year’s position at number 14 with assets of over RMB 6,951.68 billion

Royal Bank of Scotland’s ranking last year was number 4, down to 10 this year. It is founded and located in United Kingdom and has a total assets of $ 2,274,766.82


Top Biggest Banks Worldwide: Bank of America


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