Top Asset Management Firms in 2010

Finding the best asset management firm requires a lot of research and it is considered as one of the most difficult task. A firm goes through several parameters like stock or bonds or securities in which the firm invest its capital, asset under management, strategy about future investments and the kind of returns it provide on the investment. If this factors the company’s profile then it could be relied easily and could be considered as the top firm. Asset firm could be compared depending on its top stock, the return which it provided in the previous year, its strategy for the asset management firms and asset under the management.

Morgan Stanley Focus Growth asset management firm has provided a return of 24.8%.and it has the around $ 1.7 billion assets under management. The top stocks of AMOBX are Amazon (9.5%), Apple (9.4%) and Google (7%) respectively. It is one of the best firms since it has proved itself by providing the consistent return. In 2009, it had a return of 72%. Morgan Stanley Focus Growth is the only firm which holds 26 stocks. 18% of the return is provided by Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities (NVOAX).

It holds up to $ 2.3 billion of the assets under management. NVOAX is one best performer and it can provide you with an amazing return of 12% in five-year. The return provided by NVOAX is just the double when compared to some other good performer. It has the owner of holding the 50 stocks and the top accounts for the third party of its portfolio. Cash (15%), Barrick Gold (4.1%) and Newmont Mining (4.2%) are considered as the top stocks of Nuveen Trade winds Value Opportunities. Its estimated turnover is about 48%.

If you are still in need of good return so Columbia Select Large Cap Growth (UMGLX). could also be a good option for you because it provides you a return rate of 21.7% and the assets under management of this firm is estimated around $ 3.4 billion. EOG Resources (4.5%), Amazon (4.7 %,) and MasterCard are considered to be the chief stocks of (UMGLX). The fund is known for its aggressive investment nature and they always focus for holding just 30 stocks in which the top 10 makes the portfolio of around 43%. Because of its aggressive style of buying and holding its turnover is estimated of around 27% which is less compared to some other top firms. UMGLX mainly concentrates on the health sector and consumer services only which provide it the holding of 22% and 18.7% respectively.

Due to its aggressive nature a decline 44% was seen in the year 2008. Fidelity Independence Fund has around 120 stocks and its top stocks create 27% of portfolio. FDFFX claims to provide the return of around 17.8% and the Assets Under management is of $ 4.1 billion. The top stocks of FDFFX are Apple (5.1%), Delta Airlines (3.5%) and Google (3.4%) respectively. The portfolio turnover of this firm is found to be high at around 173% but due to its volatile nature it lost around 48% in the year 2008 but then rebounded with 40% in 2009.

A return of 23.8% is provided by Touchstone Sands Capital (CISGX). It holds the Assets under management of around $ 1.1 billion. The top stocks of CISGX includes Amazon, and Qualcomm which holds 7.7%, 7% and 6.5% of the total stocks respectively. This firm has been spread across various sectors but it is considered heavy in biotech, high-tech and in oil-field stocks. These all includes Genzyme, Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), FMC Technologies (FTI). In this Genzyme is up with the increase of 45%, ISRG has been down by 12% and  FTI is again up with the increase of 51% in this current year.