Top 5 stock fillers for Christmas 2012

Christmas is an important time of year as it is a time that is reserved for spending time with your family and friends. At Christmas time you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the perfect way to do this is a gift to loved ones to show how much they mean to you. The type of gift you give to a person depends on the recipient of the gift as for an adult you may buy one large item and add a few smaller items known as stocking fillers. If the recipient of the gift is a child you are more likely to give a number of small stocking fillers resulting in the child receiving a sack of presents Christmas morning.

Choosing the right gift can be difficult as do you use your budget on a major present or on a number of smaller presents that seem like more but the overall value of the present is the same. Which option to choose can be difficult so it is always better to get a mixture of the two options? Each year at Christmas time or at any other time of year like fathers day there are always new trendy gift’s on the market. The top 5 gifts for 2012 are below:

1. Adopt A Meerkat – we have all seen these characters on the TV and since the rise of Alexander the meerkat these animals are well loved throughout the UK. That’s why giving this gift you (and the recipient) will help to conserve meerkats in their natural habitat.

2. Alcohol Tester Key Chain – At any social event everyone has one to many and thinks they drive home without any problem. This is common amoung young men in the UK so why not give a Alcohol Tester Key Chain this Christmas and stop your loved one getting in trouble.

3. 5 A Side Football Set – Football is the national game and is enjoyed by millions each weekend. With this in mind why not make your kids or big kids more active in 2012 with a five football set the whole family can enjoy.

4. iPhone Desktop Phone Dock – If you are like me and regularly forget to charge your mobile phone or turn the phone off with the side of your face- then this is the perfect gift as it turns your iPhone in to a landline as well as giving your office the retro feel.

5. USB Coffee Warmer – if you work in the office environment there will have been a time when you have come back to your desk and found that your coffee or tea has gone cold. If you drink a lot of tea or coffee then this is the perfect gift for fathers day or as a stocking filler.

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