Top 5 Investment Banker Interview Questions

Investment banking maybe the most challenging corporate position because it requires knowledge of how companies operate in a wide range of industries as well as in-depth technical and financial knowledge. Very few people succeed in this position and those that do can expect one of the highest salaries in the industry. If you want to become an investment banker, be prepared to answer these top 5 investment banker interview questions.

1) Are you licensed?
Every investment banker is required to be licensed to do business in each state.. If you are not licensed then you will not be able to find a job working in that state. There are different licenses for selling securities, mutual funds, variable annuities and insurance. Employers will be looking for applicants having the licenses that are required for the position.

2) What is your experience?
Many companies prefer to work with investment bankers that have several years of experience. This will allow the banker to have experience in both up and down markets and be able to provide appropriate advice. Your employment history will be judged on the breadth and depth of experience that you have and the quality of the companies for which you have worked.

3) What did the DOW close at yesterday? What is the current price of the company’s stock?
All companies will ask some type of technical question. The question may differ but this gives you an idea of what type of technical question you might expect. This question judges how well the applicant is aware of current events and the company with which they are interviewing. Applicants who are able to answer these questions stand out from the crowd by showing they have current market knowledge and have done the appropriate research on the company.

4) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. A successful answer to this question is to pick a weakness and highlight it in a manner that is can be viewed as a positive by the company. You can mention that you are overly organized. Many companies prefer employees who are organized so this negative could be turned into a positive.

5) Do you have any questions for us?
Every applicant will be asked this question and you should be prepared to ask several pointed and challenging questions. This allows you to show your knowledge of the company as well as the market. You can ask questions about recent news articles about the company, why the company sells a certain product or why they do not sell into an untapped market. This is your time to differentiate you from the other applicants so be well prepared in the questions you are to ask.

Everyone who submits their resume for a job position hopes their resume will get them invited for an interview. The success of the first interview determines whether or not you have any chance to get hired by that company. Do not arrive at a scheduled interview for an investment banker position without being prepared to answer these common questions.

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