Tips on Proper Coupon Usage

Tip Number 1: Read the fine print. You should always read your manufacturers coupons carefully because there might be some details there that you might otherwise have missed. For example, some coupons may have expiration dates, and when that day arrives, you can no longer use those coupons. Thus, you need to take note of these dates; otherwise, a time might come when you go to the grocery store and then you suddenly find out that you can not use your coupon anymore. This scenario might be a little bit embarrassing, especially if it is the cashier who will point it out to you.

Some of your manufacturers coupons might also require you to buy something else before you make use of the coupon. For example, before you can get a $ 2 off from a bottle of shampoo, you would need to buy their one of their soaps first. Another scenario might be that your manufacturers coupon says that you can get a $ 10 discount when you eat at a certain restaurant, but then, it also says that provided you consume and pay for at least $ 40 worth of food.
If you do not normally eat at that restaurant or you are not really interested in it, do not force yourself to eat there just because you can get $ 10 off. The same goes for the first scenario. If you do not really use the soap that the coupon is requiring you to buy, then do not buy one just for the sake of being able to use your coupon.
Tip Number 2: Do not buy a product that you are not going to use. Even if your printable manufacturers coupons is offering a huge discount, do not buy the product if you know for a fact that you have no need for it, or that you will most likely not be using it anyway. Just because you have a coupon does not mean that you should always have to purchase the product that your coupon is offering to you. Otherwise, you might just be wasting money instead of saving.
Tip Number 3: Compare all costs and savings. When using your printable manufacturers coupons, you should make sure that you will really be able to save money. For example, if the printable manufacturers coupons require you to go to a certain place for you to be able to avail of your coupon’s discount, do not go if it is out of the way and if your cost of going there would be even more than the discount that you would be getting from the coupon. In effect, you are not really getting a discount at all because you are still paying for it in other ways, like for your gas.

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