The Unique Way to Design Business Cards

When affordable and versatile marketing materials are what you need to promote your business, business cards are your best options. In essence, these cards serve as mini billboards that talk about your professionalism and reliability without uttering a word. They are effective in communicating to your clients what they will benefit from your offerings.

Well designed business cards can make a first impression lasts. Aside from that, a professionally designed business card can offer the following benefits:

•  Increased market exposure
•  Create name recognition
•  Increase sales and profit
•  Build brand awareness  

Unfortunately, most business cards find their way in the trash bin because of its lack of ability to draw in attention. People simply throw them away without a second glance. How do you avoid this from happening to your cards? Here are simple ways to create an exceptionally inviting business card.

1.  The business card must be designed with a distinct and remarkably enticing design. You have to use a design that is different from others. Perhaps a magnet card, plastic card, or peel away card is best for your kind of business. No matter what type of design you use, you need to make sure that it is attention-grabbing and creative.
2.  Use striking images. Sometimes, images that evoke emotion are best to use in business cards. However, you need to ensure that the image you choose is appropriate to your business.
3.  Use good paper and vibrant color. You need to at least use a 100 lb. card stock in your cards. This is to ensure they are strong and reliable enough to endure tedious wear and tear. You also need to use vibrant colors that best fit your business. Be careful in color choices as each color has a mood that it conveys. Red can mean heat and excitement; blue can imply reliability, truth, and stability; and white projects simplicity, cleanliness and youthfulness. Each color can mean different things, so be sure to think about your target market in choosing the color to use in your business card.
4.  Use unique shapes. You can experiment with different shapes in your business card printing. For instance, you can use a square card with rounded corners, a card shaped like a car, or perhaps a USB card. There’s no limit when it comes to business card shapes. As long as it conveys the message you want to give to your target market, then you have the liberty to use the shape you desire.
5.  Try a folded business card. You can always try a half fold or tri fold in your cards to make them look like brochures.
6.  Use a catchy slogan. Sometimes, the best way to catch people’s attention is through a catchy slogan. You can create a tagline that will stimulate emotion and create brand identity.
7.  You can include additional information in your cards. Some business owners include a calendar, conversion table, testimonials, and discounts in your cards for customers to use.    

Keep in mind that your goal is to keep customers informed of your business, so even if you want create remarkably creative cards, be sure to design them carefully. You would not want a card that is attractive yet highly unreadable, right? So, be careful in your business card design.

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John Ray Daniels is a specialist of brochure printing and is also a web designer. He is knowledgeable in printing and continues to support the developments in the field to help out companies in their business marketing needs