The Processes of Applying for Law School


Every year, thousands of students decide to pursue law degrees in the country, and for most of them, preparation starts quite early. Each person brings a unique quality to the classroom and for that reason applicants are encouraged to put together a comprehensive and compelling application, which makes them stand out from the rest of the applicants. The admission office gets a significant number of applicants each year, so each application goes under heavy scrutiny before being accepted. 

What does the application process involve? 

There are deadlines to applications, just as there are deadlines for the LSATs. It is recommended that individuals make an effort to find out different application deadlines by contacting the schools in which they are interested. The LSAT should be taken early enough, preferably sometime in June or September/October. In order to prepare for the LSAT, individuals may opt to take mock exams or practice tests, and they should be timed in order to prepare for the actual examination. 

About Pre-Law Majors 

Law school admissions don’t generally require any particular course study or bachelor’s degree; instead, a person’s undergraduate education should be sufficient to get them into a school. Students who opt to take courses related to law as undergraduates may or may not have the upper hand in certain schools, but it’s not a rule. This is because all law schools observe an applicant’s overall background before accepting their application, and they may be in favor of certain majors. 

Generally, all applicants should possess skills that are relevant in the field of study. These include problem solving skills, sharp analytical skills and a knack for both oral and written communication. If the undergraduate courses taken involve courses in which those skills are taught, then the applicant has what they require to be considered in a top school. 

What’s the Minimum UGPA Score? 

There isn’t a specific score to determine if an applicant qualifies. This is because different schools will accept varying scores. Individuals are encouraged to strive for a high UGPA because the average score is just as important as the course work required in the undergraduate course. The majority of schools will look at an applicant’s overall performance throughout their undergraduate course in order to get a clearer picture of their potential. Students who start out strong in the course but finish with mediocre scores may suggest diminishing potential and low performance. 

When To Apply 

It is recommended to take the LSAT early and go through the applications as quickly as possible in order to have more time to review the schools that accept the application. In some cases, this helps applicants get into top ranked schools before they are flooded with applications when the deadlines near. Applicants who wish to receive financial aid may also have more time to apply for that. 

Deciding on Which School To Apply To 

The best way to go about this is to start by gathering as much information as possible about law schools in the country. This can be done by visiting law school forums or contacting friends and family. The earlier this information is processed, the more time the applicant will have to review the schools that accept them. 


Jessie Teh attends a law college in Malaysia and writes helpful advice for fellow law degree students.

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