The Power of Business Cards

Power is something everybody wants—the power to influence, the power to be the best, and even the power of Professor X. In business, the same thing is true. Every business would want to have the power over others. If you aim for power, why not start it by communicating your powerful message through your business cards.

Though small and seemingly unimportant, these cards are the best place to start your marketing campaign. They will help you deliver your messages to your target customers and give you a good first impression. They will also help your customers in making a decision in favor of you. Keep in mind that if don’t offer a strong and credible product or service, much more show a professional business, people on even look at you. They will immediately turn their backs on you.

It’s hard to get a second chance and a second impression, so you need to make sure that your business cards has the power to lure in your target customers at first glance.

Are you familiar with Feng shui? Well, that is not only applicable in homes and offices, but in your business card design as well. A balanced design will make sure that you get a fair advantage over your competitions, generate more profits, draw in new customers, and keep you old customers loyal to you.

This is not magic. There’s nothing mystic you need to put in your cards. You simple have to understand how to put information in your cards, place your logo in the right place, choose the best colors, and the size and shape of font. All these will help you create the most powerful cards you can have for your business.

However, there are some mistakes you need to avoid in designing your cards. It’s important that you know them so you can avoid them and make it easy for you to improve your card’s design:

Creating a card that does not stir positive emotions.
A card that does not plainly tell the nature of your business or the products and services you offer.
A card that does not contain the right contact information
A card that is overstuffed with texts and disorganized.
Poor quality of the card.
Poor color choices and font use.
A card that does not have a unique selling proposition.

If you now understand the mistakes you need to avoid, here are some tips you need to consider:

a) Be sure to put your logo in your card. Your logo serves as your brand identity. It will represent you in front of your customers so they easily recognize you. If you don’t know how to design a logo, it’s best to hire a graphic designer. They are the expert so they know the best design fit for your business.

b) Make sure your business name defines the nature of your business. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you better make use of a name that is intriguing and easy to remember. Make sure it is short and makes an instant connection with your customers. This will make you memorable to people, and save you space in your business card templates.

These simple tips will help you get the power in business you need, and in turn help you generate the sales and profits you desire.

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American Psycho Business Cards scene with the touch of our 4D Business Cards:

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