The Growth of Business Cards

Quality and reliable business cards is considered as the most common form of exchanging contact details and information between your business and your clients and customers. Originating in Asia particularly in China in the mid 15th century, these cards were first referred to as visiting cards or more known as calling cards. The calling cards were somewhat larger than the average size of business cards nowadays and were often cut like the size of a playing card which provided people a place to write their notes and other messages.

In the 17th century, the first visiting cards appeared during the reign if Louis XIV in France. During that time, the visiting cards were bound by strict social etiquette and rules. Similarly, at that time, a new kind of calling cards began to develop in neighboring countries like England which was referred to as the trade cards. The trade cards had a clearer business purpose and were often used for advertising. The newspaper at that time remained an underdeveloped resource which left business owners to find their own way of promoting their business and their products and services.

Soon after they were developed, the trade cards immediately established their name as one of the most popular form of promotional card in the market. These cards were also used as maps as most streets and housed at the period are not equipped with a formal numbering system. The map made it much easier for people to the business establishment they are looking for. The earliest form trade cards were printed using woodcut or letterpress.

Until the 19th century, the trade cards were printed in monotone or with a simple but reliable tint. People simply opt to print their name in black text on a white paper stock. Innovation in technology has ensured that by 1930, the so called lithographic printing process was well established in European countries. This innovation has included the option to print in colors and to create increasingly sophisticated designs of cards.

Although the trade cards continued to be popular in the 18th and 19th century, they slowly disappeared from the light and transformed and developed into the quality and effective business cards that we know nowadays. In this modern times, there are vast range of design options available that you can use for your cards, with the highest quality lithographic printers creating great and consistent print output for all printing requirement. Moreover, the introduction and development of new and improved materials and manufacturing processes have widened the creative options available for printing like the thermographic business cards.

Business cards are actually a very crucial marketing tool nowadays; a poor quality card can badly reflect on your business image. But, if you truly want to have a card that will perfectly suit your taste and will comply with the needs of your business, printing your cards with a reliable online printing is a must. It doesn’t actually take a lot of time and money to create effective business card templates these days. You simply have to find the printer that will fit your printing need and budget, and you are well on your way to promoting your business cost effectively. There are also a lot of designs to choose from. Just look through the designs available today. Overall, business card printing is increasingly becoming advanced today, so there’s no reason for you not to create an effective card.

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