The growth factor in Mumbai’s realty sector

The Real Estate markets in Navi Mumbai are in abuzz with advertisements and annoncements from developers having the positive signs from the authorities regarding the international airport which is close proximity to their proposed residential projects.  As today the local real estate agent or the developer selling his projects based on the distance from the proposed project even corporates have now started taking Navi Mumbai seriously. While selling the properties ‘close to’ or ‘minute drive’ tag has suddenly become a norm in the areas. Today relators who have their residential property close to the proposed site are suddenly increasing the rates of their projects for obvious reasons.

The airport factor is definitely going to be the unique selling point. Builders seem to be definitely benefited by this airport factor they are trying their best to cash in on the demand  factor as this factor is riding high on everybody’s minds these days.

Premises, especially in the vicinity of the airport are getting a response and they are sure that with the advent of the corporate sector in Navi Mumbai the commercial spaces will also go for a killing. Developers explains that along with the Residential property in Mumbai, the commercial spaces like shops and malls will also get a decent appraisal.  

Developers receiving a decent response from people based abroad seems that Navi Mumbai has suddenly disloged Mumbai from being the most preferred residential property destination in Western India. The speculations are rife that the property rates may not abate in the coming days.

Mumbai Real Estate has been thriving over the past few years and investors from all over the world have flocked to Mumbai to buy and sell apartments and to invest in local real estate. Property in Mumbai has been hot for many reasons but it could change rapidly in the coming years the architectural achievments have been astonishing search for real estate, property listings and apartments in Mumbai.

The most interesting part about all developments is that it shows that city of Mumbai is completely different and unique to any major city in the world. Mumbai is culturally unique and apartments were not something common in the past with the people adapting to a new lifestyle and new luxuries.

Real Estate players say that the luxurious apartments along with facilities for recreation like playgrounds, swimming pool and even temples and community halls are a huge hit amongst such buyers. Such amenities are drawing residents to huge complexes in the city. As complared to older buildings they are happy with the facilities provided for children and also other aspects like parking facilities and security which enhance the residential project launched by different developers of Mumbai.

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