The Enjoyment of Southwest Decor For Winter

Many of us start out strong and energized, delighted with our winter decorating, only to quickly burn out once the last box of Christmas decorations has been emptied and each precious piece of tinsel put in place. And then comes the New Years celebration. After the toasting glasses are washed and stored in the cupboard, the streamers taken down and the noise makers packed away until next year, most of us feel that our winter decorating “duties” are finished.

After the new year begins, we begin waiting for spring and normally our decorating tapers off. The winter season is highlighted by two main holidays, Christmas and New Years. From January through March, there are still many long weeks ahead. After the tinsel and bling is removed from our home’s Christmas decor, a natural feeling we sometimes experience is deflated. There are many weeks left until spring begins? Southwest decorating may be used in your home to showcase every season of the year.

To some, decorating that is associated with winter simply means Christmas decorating or holiday decor. Be sure not to overlook the simple joys and beauties that the winter season bestows upon us. For some, the three months that comprise the winter season, are dreaded and long. No matter what the season and especially during winter, it is especially nice to decorate our homes in such a warm, beautiful and comforting way.

Sometimes, the cold stark colors of winter can give us a blah feeling. Be sure to decorate your home in cheerful southwest colors to remedy this problem. A sure way to bring comfort to our lives is by surrounding ourselves with the things we love. Make your home friendly and inviting this winter by adding special southwestern touches. Be sure to welcome your family and friends with a lovely grapevine wreath adorned with red chili peppers and a colorful bow.

Add living plants to your indoor area to rejuvenate the stark environment during winter. Both animal life and greenery play an important role in our well being. They bring a calming environment. An animal that is often used in southwest homes and cabins is the bear. The bear plays the role of a rustic type of southwestern decorating theme. When choosing a theme, consider using bears. They can be found in throws, bedding, curtains and rugs,. Big and little carved, ceramic and fabric bears are all welcome additions. Paintings of woods and mountains are lovely accents for your walls. For a woodsy southwestern feeling, use accent pillows with a woven wool pillow cover. Scatter earth tone wool rugs and runners around your room. They make great companions to the bear theme. Sleepy hibernating bears teach us the importance of making our homes cozy and warm during the winter months.

You already know if you have a fireplace in your room, how important of a role it plays. The main focal point of the room is usually the fireplace. Bring warmth and tranquility to the area by having a cozy and calming fire. For many, winter is finally official when a fire may be lit in the fireplace. A fire warms the room and gives a charming focal point. Our minds are soothes and our inner spirit is calmed. Southwestern romance is created by the use of a fireplace during the winter months. To enjoy the warmth of a fire, place pillows and blankets in a nearby basket to use for relaxing on the floor. For a southwest feeling, remember to decorate your mantle and hearth in a southwest theme. Choose to showcase a favorite collection of Mexican pottery and baskets made by Native Americans around your fireplace hearth. Consider using various wrought iron branding irons on the wall above mantle. They will look stunning and be great conversation pieces. For safety factors, always use a fireplace screen in front of a burning fire.

An important accessory in your southwest decor is the use of candles. Candles in the room will add warmth to the area. A candle will cast elegant shadows throughout the room. Your southwestern room will be enhanced by the use of candles placed in rustic barn wood candle holders. Using the same favorite scent of candles during each winter season will help you to remember of the happy times winter begins. Candles add cheerfulness to the rooms they touch. Have candles in various locations around your home to add warmth and also to use in case of a winter power outage. Another important accent for your room would be the use of throws. Use them for winter decorating to add layers of warmth and comfort. To ward off the chill of winter, place throws in handy places like on the back of your sofa and chair. For a happy and contented home, make it a comfortable place to be.

Winter is such an inspiring time and should not end just because Christmas is over. By using rustic style decorating that winter can readily appreciate, you’ll be bringing a feeling of southwestern hospitality. Its an exciting time as we look toward the winter months. We should be sure to create an environment in our home that is compelling and friendly by decorating in a southwest theme; Family and friends will feel right at home.

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