The Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn – A Book Review

The Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn is the most up-to-date dictionary on Catholic biblical terms in over a generation. In a person’s lifetime, so many things can change. This change is also evident in the study of church scripture and historical texts, and how these are interpreted and made understandable to a more modern audience.

Thus, this bible dictionary is an invaluable text for any catholic who takes his faith seriously and wants to understand it better. Catholics are familiar with the bible, its passages, and its meanings. However, this dictionary will open up a whole new world of information and enlightenment that breezing through the bible during school and listening to mass readings won’t give you.

In the same way, this book will be an interesting and entertaining read even for non-Catholics who are simply curious about the faith.  The biblical facts and studies are all written in an easy to understand way, so that you don’t have to familiar with the Catholic faith in order to appreciate this text. Who knows, some readers of this text may end up joining the faith as well.

On the other hand, for bible study students, this book can also be a reliable source of information, whether on the meaning of words, the historical implications and symbolisms of biblical events, and so on. There are so many so-called books and articles on the bible that are either incorrect or incomplete. Why settle for inferior sources when you can get this 100% correct and complete source on the Catholic bible?

And because this book is so reliable even members of the Catholic Church congregation could use this book, in case they need to make quick references about queries they may have regarding their homilies or research. After all, no one is so smart that he can memorize everything there is to know about the Catholic faith.

So whether you are a devout Catholic, a biblical scholar, a member of the Church hierarchy, or just someone curious about the faith, the Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn can be your best source of information.

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