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Before the internet had become so popular, teachers use to worry about students copying entire sections out of encyclopedias and books. Term Paper Writing involved a lot of photocopying and retyping which however, acted as a barrier to plagiarism. This form of academic dishonesty became fairly easy to catch since the vocabulary used by most children was fairly inferior to that of a book or an encyclopedia. Today, teachers are dealing with a new problem that is, the term paper websites which provide students with custom term papers which however stops them from working hard.

Nowadays, the cries of teachers all over the world are pretty similar. They are seeing these term paper websites as being a promotion to plagiarism.

These term paper websites contribute to the growing problem of academic dishonesty, but if we talk of ethics questions, there are several benefits to such services as well. It may be possible that students and teachers are not properly trained as to how they should use these websites for their educational benefit instead of blaming it for being a reason to promote dishonesty. As long as there are students in this world, the term paper websites will not go away so it’s better to take advantage from them. For the sake of the students or to make the best use of these sources, it is imperative for teachers to instruct students on how they should use these resources honestly.

An important benefit of these online term paper websites is the ability of a student to read the research prepared by other students to get an idea. Learning by example is always thought to be an excellent way to improve your own abilities. Many students struggle with writing term papers, not because they are not capable of doing it, but because they don’t have the experience of such writings. Reading through term paper examples can benefit some students enormously.

Technically, a term paper database is not different from an encyclopedia. The difference is the format of information. Some papers are persuasive while others are informative. One major benefit that these databases have over an encyclopedia is that they usually include a bibliography that directs a student towards more information on the particular topic. Students who look for researches on difficult topics can simply use these sources to prepare their own term papers.

One of the greatest benefits of a term paper database is its ability to combat and defeat the writer’s block. Coming up with a great and different idea can be the most frustrating step in the writing process for most students. Over several years, teachers have been encouraging students to read and research for finding new ideas. A term paper database is another service that is used by students to formulate opinions, read on different point of views, generate ideas from them, and then developing one for themselves.

Approaching these term paper databases becomes a learning tool, instead of being a learning block, which greatly enhances a student’s education. Educating students as to how these services can be used can responsibly and honestly become an important step that all teachers must take to promote academic honesty.

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this video is to explain how to structure your essay, find resources for the literature review, and to find materials to write your essay & literature review. Useful resources include the Anglia ruskin university online referencing guide, the manchester university phrasebank, emerald style guide for the literature review and materials produced for the Birmingham University BME programme. There is also an introduction to the use of search.proquest.com and scholar.google.com. Students planning an essay may use further materials available from Anglia Ruskin University, also the UEFAP website, which helps a great deal when planning to structure an essay, as well as providing language for critical, discursive rhetoric. The examples given should demonstrate how the literature review is more than just a list of information found in different sources, but a critical, evaluative text which engages with the literature and synthesises is, evaluates it and puts the knowledge into the context of your essay question. It is an unusual task, as the literature review is not usually put within an essay, but is mostly seen as a stand- alone text, as per the example I have shown here, with its own introduction and conclusion. It would not be useful to do that for this assignment, and it is recommended that the conclusion be left until the end of the essay. As this is a 2000 word essay I would recommend about 10 references be used, that is about five at least for the literature review, since it is 500 words, the more sources used for the literature review the better, I think. It is important to discuss, evaluate and criticise these sources as much as possible; with ‘criticise’ I mean to ask the important questions about the literature and findings: who said it, what does it mean for this essay, when was this said and is it valid, where was the research carried out, why was this done, who said it and should their word be taken – is it reliable. The literature used in the review should then be used in the essay itself. Enjoy!


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