Team building is the key to my success


I have recently become a millionaire, I have succeeded where many have failed in a very cut throat volatile sales sector. I have been driven by the very fact, only five years ago I was bankrupt. I was lucky enough to not be registered as such, but I did not even have a penny to my name. A couple of business ideas went a little wrong and I attribute this to being in the wrong business at the wrong time and missing vital clues in the down turn of the economy and property prices alike.

Once you have been truly broke, it is a feeling you never wish to experience ever again. I have been fortunate enough to be given a second chance. A relative left me a considerable amount of money in an unexpected will, making me the main receiver of her estate. She always admired my zest for life and my search for wealth; I think this is why she left me the money. She was devastated to see me go from such a success to ultimate failure, but still remain adamant that one day my time will come and I will become rich again.

I had the funds to start up my own company again, but this time I intended to work whilst I look at what will sell now and for the foreseeable future. I will look after every penny so my aimless job in a night club ordering stock and bar equipment for the well know chain, will keep me fed and watered whilst I make my decision and leave my inheritance in its entirety whilst I make the life changing decision.

One lesson I learn from my last company is, I must look after the staff, I intend to do this in the way of regular team building, I wish to make my new empire built on the foundation of a good team and team building weekly, to ensure we keep our eye on the game and we stay ahead of the financial changes in the economy.  I am a shroud guy but many eyes are better than my two. Regular team building will allow me to get their views on the business and sales alike.

I decided to open a book sales company online, people still have the thirst for knowledge and getting to book stores and purchasing books is a little difficult to say the least. I started small, but soon found my sales go through the roof. Within a week I was running around like a headless chicken, I needed a team almost immediately, I still have the same excellent team to this day twenty strong.

I still to this day run the team building sessions weekly, if I am unable to attend due to being abroad I am always on a video link. I love the team building sessions and have been known to leave a holiday, only to return for the hour and rejoin my family only after my team building is over and finished on a satisfactory note.

If you want to find out how you can get management skills in team building (as it is called in Denmark få lederkompetencer inden for teambuilding) follow this useful link. You can also get more detailed information about management training (in Danish lederudvikling) following this link.

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