Self Esteem Tips

Having a low sense of self can be one of the more destructive and damaging habits and mind frames that one can possess.  The lower that you see yourself and your abilities to achieve or accomplish the things that you want in life,  the harder it is going to be to convince anyone else otherwise. 

One of they core ingredients of ANYONE who is living a happy and successful life is that they have a genuinely high sense of self and they seem themselves of having the abilities to get out there and take the world by storm!

The more that you can learn to see yourself as someone who has the skills and the rights to accomplish their dreams and to live a fun and enjoyable life,  the more others will see this as well.  And that can lead to many new opportunities for yourself and for your future.

Here are some tips that can help you to raise yourself esteem:

1.  Think of past times when you have succeeded in any area of your life.  Remember how it felt and allow yourself to feel that joy,  that satisfaction,  and the confidence that you did then when you think about it.  Let it resonate with you for a while.

2.  Go outside your comfort zones once in a while.  Sometimes even the smallest push outside of the box can help you let go and feel a little more free and this can help you to develop confidence in areas where you may have been lacking it before.

3.  Give yourself some praise.  Most people do not allow themselves to give enough quality self praise and the more that you do this,  the more you will find that others begin to do the same.

Use these three tips and allow yourself to develop a higher sense of self and know that you are worthy of the praise,  the esteem,  and the opportunities that are waiting for you!

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In the last few months, we’ve gotten requests for a variety of subjects—from being assertive to dealing with puberty to dealing with peer pressure—the list goes on. Then we realized—a lot of these topics fall under one umbrella, something we’ve all dealt with…low self-esteem.
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