Samuel of the Bible: No gift like a Samuel

The reason of referring to Samuel of the Bible as a gift is because he was a gift to the prayerful woman Hannah.

She had prayed to God for a child and even promised that should she get this child, he or she would be a child to God. God listened to her prayer and she kept her promise, thus named him Samuel. As a boy it was already clear that he was no ordinary boy because God often spoke to him through dreams.

Sometimes we don’t necessarily realise it is God speaking into our lives, just as Samuel didn’t get it the very first time. In this way Samuel began to know that he was indeed a prophet who hears from God. Leadership was one of his greatest qualities and this is because he knew that he was to lead the Israelites. This leader led Israelites in battle with the Philistines and boy did they bring them down.

Leading in battle is a challenge in itself but when there is strength leading from the front then no faltering can stop the opponents desire to win and succeed. That is exactly what went on in that battle. It is not always common to find a leader who will lead from the battle front. Nowadays very many people fear taking accountability especially if something is bound to go wrong so, they lead from behind shielding themselves with shouts of orders and direction.

Samuel wanted people to repent to God, to make their lives right and so as he travelled he made sure he rebuked the people with zeal. He so became a national figure whose abilities became known throughout Israel. Yes we have many national leaders but few are known to be true leaders in this life time. They hold the positions of power and leadership yet have little to show for what they have done for others in that position. Are we capable of noticing a Samuel of the Bible in our midst?


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