Royal Stamp Of Approval

In 1840, Great Britain was the first country to issue postage stamps and the iconic Queen’s head has graced stamp designs ever since. The Royal Mail Copyright License Agreement has provided companies with the opportunity to capture the richness of British heritage and culture, giving the modern home a regal edge. As consumers remain to seek traditional and classical styles, royal stamp imagery has become an increasingly popular trend within home interior design. Strongly influenced by the distinctive, definitive Queen’s head stamp and royal crown, designs blend heritage and history with contemporary style.

With the 2012 Olympics in Great Britain approaching, the emphasis on English tradition and legacy is emerging. A gap in the market for designs incorporating the royal stamp has been recognised by companies, allowing consumers to embrace majestic styles within the home. Oversized accessories in bold shapes and silhouettes are strong designs filtering through with the royal trend, adding a dramatic effect and quirky statement to any interior. Contemporary styles thrive on retro designs with bright colour tones whilst elegant, gracious and opulent designs support traditional and classic interior styles effectively.

Stamp Rugs is a company that has successfully explored the stylish, retro and contemporary twist on stamp imagery. Give one’s home the ultimate majestic statement with the new, exclusive Stamp Rug collection. Embossed with the Queen’s head, the stylish collection is skillfully handmade from 100% New Zealand wool in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. With 10 invigorating colour choices, the collection embraces eclectic, bright colours to bring any interior to life. Featuring scalloped edges, the rugs capture depth and defined contours for a truly luxurious finish.

Flying the flag for Great Britain alongside the prevalent Union Jack trend, the stamp trend found stamped on interior furnishings and accessories allows national pride to dominate the home. Whether you find yourself seeking subtle or eccentric designs, the stamp trend is seen imprinted on cushions, throws, mugs or cutlery; a coveted collection which is in high demand.

Reigning supreme, stamp imagery has not only been recognised within the design of home interiors but also within fashion. The eminent crown shape, a strong element of the royal stamp design, has also become a prominent feature embedded within fashion styles, whilst large and lavish on trend accessories boast regal prosperity. Military trends and the resurrection of prim and proper dressing also reflect heritage and history, both key aspects of the British postage stamp. Royal Mail aim to protect British postage stamps and provide design guidelines to ensure that all images reproduced are appropriate.

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