Rewards in Righteousness

Men often think in terms of fairness, but how does man’s concept of fairness apply to Creator’s evaluation of righteousness? What is fair?

Apparently intent has a large part to play in this concept of fairness and righteousness. Like the story Jesus told about the three, five, seven, and twelve men that this man of a vast estate hired. Each group of men was hired at a different hour of the day, but each man was paid the same wage at the end of the work day.

The three who worked all day complained because the twelve who only worked a short time received the same amount of pay, one penny. Yet, the employer responded that he had paid each man according to what they had agreed on.

Every man intended to work the rest of the working day for one penny. The man of the vast estate intended to pay each man a penny at the end of the day. All these intentions were fulfilled. This was fair in the eyes of the employer. Was it righteous? Apparently it was, because each man’s intentions were fulfilled.

In the area of righteousness, our intent is very important. Creator reads the intent of the heart and knows why we do, or don’t do, certain things.

One man may work in the church or synagogue all his adult life. Another man may choose a high level spiritual walk of unconditional love without judgment, and begin living that way just weeks before he dies. Which man will receive the greater reward from our heavenly Father?

We have no way to know the answer to that question because man cannot see into the heart. Only Creator knows and He will reward accordingly on our final Day of Judgment. We will be rewarded for our righteousness and good works that are produced from a loving, compassionate heart. Intent counts.

So should we put off beginning to live unconditional love until we are very old? Obviously not. Our life may end tomorrow for one thing. Also, once we have experienced the wonderful freedom and the lightness of the burden when we choose to live the way of love, we will never want to live any other way. it is the most joyous and exhilarating walk in the presence of our Lord, available to man.

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