Responsible Use of Social Media

I have written many articles about the power of Social Media and how it can enhance your brand and increase your online credibility and exposure. With this incredible new advertising medium comes risk. We have seen firsthand horror stories of business owners who have opened chat forums on their Facebook Fan Pages or open comments on their blogs only to fall victim to those who want to report negative feedback about their organization; or worse, an employee has released personal, undesirable information on their LinkedIn or other social media that begins to appear in Google searches.

On the World Wide Web, information is only a click away. Web crawlers find the information that appears in Google searches by crawling thorough information posted on the internet. When a series of words (keywords) is typed in, data that most closely match the keyword sequence will appear in the search results.

Whether you are an employee or executive of a corporation, a small business owner or responsible for marketing within an organization, it is imperative that you and the representatives of your organization understand the importance of responsible use of Social Media.

Here are some tips you can use to make better use of your Social Media:

What is your corporate message, brand and identity? Make sure your employees understand it!

Send out an information leaflet teaching your employees how to change their Facebook setting to make the personal information contained in their profile appear private.

If you open a discussion board or permit comments on your blog, make sure it is moderated. You can change your settings so that you must approve any comment or post before is appears on your social media page.

Restrict comments on your Facebook Fan Page wall so that only you can post comments.

Educate your staff about the importance of responsible use of social media, personally, professionally and the potential impacts of irresponsible use of social media to your organization.

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Article by Courtney Jewell McElroy

CEO Assure Assess Corp.