Residential Development And Application Of Intelligent Analysis

In recent years, the living quarters and home intelligent application by “speculation” to “rational” development, in this transition period, the residential area to the sustained and healthy development of intelligent building industry topic of universal concern, we conducted a “Residential Area Intelligent application of investigation “, hope that the survey results can transition period for the industry to provide a smooth transition of the reality based, companies may also combine to make their own conditions for their own development planning, effective adaptation to the overall development of the industry, while more good to promote development of the industry to achieve higher social and economic benefits.

  1. Survey and its significance In the country, the residential area and the situation and development of intelligent home, the economy was the main basis for investment or key. Rapid economic development of large cities is like the lead, the birth of new technologies and applications, any response will be first demonstrated in major cities, while the corresponding medium and small cities and other areas will not have such a magnificent scene, their development is more tends to a smooth transition, and showed varying degrees of slow state. The reason is that housing functions should be based on a variety of intelligent user needs, ultimately the consumer’s ability and the concept of life play a decisive role. The economically developed areas is relatively high spending power of end-users, compared to less developed regions of the slow state of the economy more evident.

Currently there is a trend, business products and services to more segmentation functions, R & D focus on a particular area or a technical, practical products to enhance, on a product upgrading technology use to upgrade from the elimination ceremony. These technologies and products, “specificity” Many companies choose to medium-sized city, a region or a particular type of exploratory project implementation, gain experience, and then into the country. This approach is no longer the center of large cities, reducing competition and immature impact of new technologies on its own. It can be seen that the present residential area and the development of intelligent home is based on fundamental customer needs, market products and technology, and intelligent residential area features configuration considerations are diverse and trends.

2. Survey data and analysis In April 1999 the Ministry of Construction promulgated the “intelligent system of nationwide residential demonstration project plan”, in October 1999 to develop the “National Intelligent System for residential construction elements and the Technical Guidelines (draft) ; in March 2000 approval of Grand View Park in Guangzhou, Shanghai, 7 Excelsior Garden State Housing Pilot Project Area for the Intelligent System; February 17, 2003, “Residential construction of intelligent system elements and Technology Guide” issued; present intelligent system configuration around the basic plot by “Intelligent Systems Residential Construction essentials and technical guidelines” of the system configuration. Then the intelligent community has been basically mature, it is this stage, the district’s smart speculation began . from Figure 1, most intelligent community in the run-time statistics can be seen, although intelligent community has long been speculation, but most of the Intelligent System’s running time is only 1 to 3 years, should this be the universal sign of intelligent community, This universal and fully rational explanation Intelligent Community industry is changing, the reasons for this change is to standardize the industry, the market is more uncertain, users will eventually benefit.

Present, because many of China’s real estate dispute, some people think that real estate bubble about to burst a bubble but, some people think that the real estate industry showed a healthy development, but the overheating in some areas. If the price is still showing a rising trend, it will encourage developers to improve housing quality, there are more such intelligent configuration Residential investment per square meter may be some growth, if reflected in price, consumers accept this burden? It remains to be observing the real estate market and consumer psychology was.

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