Reasons for rejected UK University Application

A strong academic background gives you more competitive in the coming golden future. That’s why Asian students trend to UK for academy is rising. But not all of them can become students of UK universities due to the reject of application, which is caused by fierce completion and lack of seats.


Universities like Oxford, Manchester, University of Wales, Nottingham Trent, Leeds Metropolitan, Keele, Kensington and many more see a turnout of lakhs and lakhs of aspiring students. These students approach the UK universities with high hopes in their eyes.


Of course it hurts when the UK University application that you prepared with such pains gets rejected at the end thus crushing your future hopes! There are several reasons at work behind the rejection of your application. It can be the negligence on your part while filling out the form, absence of proper documentation, error in the form or lack of funds etc.


But what if it is not a technical error? What if you are a straight A student who harbors the ultimate desire to study in UK and make your parents feel proud? What would you o if your exemplary UK University Application got rejected?


Obviously, a student is entitled to some explanation from the university in question. The most common reason behind the cancellation of a student’s application who is ideal for the course is-COMPETITION. The bar has been raised several notches for getting admission into a UK university since past few years. Thus, the competition has become very fierce amongst students from all over the world!


Limited number of seats as compared to the rising number of applicants every year can also be cited as the other reason for a student’s failure to get admitted into the university in UK of their choice. As predicted by Professor Steve Smith, president of Universities UK and the vice-chancellor of the University of Exeter, more than 200,000 applications would be rejected this year.


Having considered all these points in mind, one can also look at the different admission practices followed in different universities. For example-


•Edinburgh University- it offers additional weightage to students from Scotland.


•Glasgow University- this university doesn’t believe in any such additional weightage practice


•University of College London- it accepts only those students who have cleared at least 3 subjects in their final semester with A levels.


•This is not the case with other medical schools or universities of London


•Various universities in UK differentiate on the basis of less weightage subjects, aptitude tests etc.


Before applying to UK University make a thorough research and see which is the best suitable to fulfill your dream to study in UK! is your complete guide to study in UK. You can learn about various courses in UK, colleges, universities, jobs and tips in detail here.

A fan told me that his sister recently got accepted into Aberdeen University. When I call her mom and say there has been a terrible mix-up, and her daughter actually didn’t get accepted–things get WILD! Luckily the supervisor, Abdo, was there to clear it all up 😉 Share the laughs with your college buddies by sending them the link!

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