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I have fallen hard for plantable favor and stationary products; I just love the thought of giving eco friendly favors and cards to family and friends that not only are ‘green’, but that also give back to the recipient and environment in terms of beautiful wildflowers. In fact, I have several containers of these wildflowers on my deck that were started from these plantable items.

My favorite are the plantable cards: thank you cards, response cards, birthday cards, congratulations cards, holiday cards – you name it and there is an eco friendly card product available that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Once received, read and enjoyed, it can then (very easily) be planted in a container and soon little flowers will sprout.

What to look for when buying (or searching for) plantable cards:

Ensure that that are made, at least in part, from post-consumer waste material. With a bit of searching you should be able to find products that are made 100% from this type of material.
Check to see what type of flower seeds are embedded in the product. Most are embedded with a mix of annual and perennial wildflowers but if you want to know exactly what type of flowers seeds then go ahead and ask.
Ensure that directions as to how to plant these cards are included in the card – either as an insert or printed on the back of each card.
Ensure that the cards come with envelopes.
Some plantable card vendors give you personalization options such as the inclusion of a photo on the card or the inclusion of personalized text. Of course these are only the case when purchasing custom cards (versus ‘off the rack’).

If you can’t find plantable cards to fit your need, here is a lovely option. I always keep on hand a supply of my favorite plantable favor (which happen to be shaped like a butterfly) and I include one of these in each store bought ‘regular’ card that I send out.

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