Personal Responsiblity

Personal Responsibility


I realize we live a politically correct world, where we have to use beautifully candy coated words so that we will not hurt anyone’s feelings. I mean nothing is our fault anymore. We are like mindless little robots programmed by the powers that be, we want everyone to like us so we go to parties and eat foods that are robbing us of our health, so we can fit in. Then we gripe, complain and torment ourselves.

We go to workplace and we munch down on junk that destroys our health as it expands our hips and then we whine and complain that it is not our fault. As though they held us down and forced the food down our throats.

 So we have to wait for them to change until we can eat healthy. I have a feeling this could be a long wait. We can’t exercise because we have no support; our sisters, mothers, fathers, lovers and others are just not there for us. So when they change we can become the way we were really meant to be. What happen to personal responsibility?

We will always be faced with temptations we will either fight to until we win the battle against those temptations or we will spend our lifetime waiting for everything to conform for us.  I don’t lack compassion for those caught in the fat loss struggle.  The fat loss struggle is my struggle but I did not have any success until I took personal responsibility.  Freedom from the excess fat was worth me getting real with myself.  

 I choose what I put in my mouth; I choose what I do with my body. I choose to surrender to adult peer pressure. The ability to choose, Isn’t that what makes us free? I have made some terrible health choices that caused me a lot of hurt and pain, but it was my fault not the fault of the people who manufacture soda , fast food, or  candy bars. The pressures, and temptations are real but my accepting personal responsibility for my life, I stop living in default mode. I am no longer a sad little victim drowning in a sea of excuses. I can become victorious over my weaknesses.

I refuse to live with excuses, there is never any reason that I can’t become all I was meant to become and I know what is true for me is true for all of the people who inhabit this planet but telling them that wouldn’t be politically correct.


Tammie-Maria Allen ©2006-2010


Tammie-Maria Allen is a passionate artist,writer,model and musician,She is also a  multifaceted business woman and a certified personal trainer.

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