My Personal Empowerment Left The Building

“Oh, woe is me.” “The economy sucks, my dog died, my wife/husband just left me,” “My Mother-in-Law is moving in,” “Nothing works out for me,” “Yeah, he’s successful because he got all the lucky breaks.” “My family was poor and I never had anything and never will.”

“Would you like some WHINE with your cheese and crackers?” That’s pretty much my response to people who say things like that to me. I’m sure you hear people say things like that on a daily basis. I know in the home business industry you hear every excuse in the world.

“I was scammed!” “They took my money and I never made a dime!” “I had a bad sponsor and the pay plan was terrible.” Yada, yada, yada. With some people it just never ends and should you ever, ever recruit someone with that mind-set into your Team, you will suffer long and hard. They will ride you like Seabiscuit and wear you out until you either quit the business yourself or take your power back and have a talk with them, explain ever so gently that you are certain your business is not for them. Now doesn’t that feel better?

You have just encountered an expert on negative self-talk. More likely than not they have never read a book on self-improvement, personal development or even worse, their reading material of choice is either a comic book or the Enquirer.

The ONLY one who can help you is yourself. If you know someone who is a completely un-empowered individual or if you are the one suffering from low self-esteem and have made it your life’s work to make sure everyone around you knows your tales of woe and you won’t stop until you break down the last person on earth, you may consider taking a long, hard look at the way you frame things in your mind.

If being a victim makes you feel good because you can use it to manipulate others into giving you what you want, whether it be attention or even money from friends or relatives because you just had another horrible thing happen to you and the bank is repossessing your car and your dog for good measure, you are in a very precarious position.

First of all, if you feel weak and powerless, you’ve had years of conditioning by how others have treated you and by listening to your own “mind-talk” that tells you how little power you have and all the negative things about yourself that simply are not true. You’ve bought into the lie that you have no power and it would be too hard to change. You can start by again, finding some audios or DVDs on self-improvement or self-empowerment.

There are hypnotic CDs that are amazing and when you listen to them every day for even 30 days you can change thought patterns and self-defeating behaviour. You can begin step-by-step to improve your self-talk, the way you think of yourself both internally and externally. This is called “exercising your personal power!”

Think of it as a training program for personal success. No matter what level you are financially or successfully, you can turn it on an upward path within weeks should you decide that is what you desire. If you only half-heartedly think you’d like to change, but “Gosh, it’s so much trouble and takes up too much time” you’ve already defeated yourself again before you even got started.

Sure, if you have the financial means to hire a success coach and you think it might give you a head start, go ahead and do it. Many people find it gives them some guidance and focus on just how to start and what to do first.

On the other hand, a $ 15 dollar DVD or CD and some good books on the subject from the library can be invaluable and cost you very little but your time. And most folks who are not successful truly do have plenty of time to spare. What else do they do but watch television or play “Farmville” on Facebook? I’m not “dissing” Farmville of course yet spending hour after hour planting a pretend garden and taking care of pretend farm animals.

Your virtual farm just programs you to be more subservient and feel less entrepreneurial than if you were improving your mind and body through new and exciting material on creating more success and income by taking back your power or finally realizing you actually HAVE power in the first place!

Make sure while you are improving yourself or if you feel negative about the word “improvement” you don’t allow others to tell you it’s a waste of time. Since some would say we are all perfect in each moment we live-although others would consider that thought process rather “new age” and “out there.” There is always room for improvement, even with those completely successful and powerful people are constantly in the mode of improving their skills and keeping their minds focused on the task at hand.

Do NOT let your friends, family or associates “rain on your parade.” As a matter of fact it’s a good idea to keep what you are doing to yourself unless you partner up with someone you trust who would like to move their lifestyle and income to a higher level. It’s always great to have someone else to help keep one another on track and from giving up without really giving it all you’ve got.

Be vigilant for all those negative habits and thought patterns you may have used as a crutch for not moving forward. It’s so easy to get excited and swear you’re going to become everything you desire until one day that old enemy called “complacency” rears its ugly head and you begin to procrastinate and start putting things off “until tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, when that starts, tomorrow never comes. Once again you go back to delaying what you need to do and those old habits creep back in and get hold of your mind. Now it’s back to starting over, almost from scratch and believe me, that’s a recipe for disaster. The old habits begin chipping away at the personal development and power you were building. So whatever you do, stay alert and force yourself to do the work. Even if it’s an hour per day, that is YOUR hour of creation and be selfish about not allowing anything to keep you from that one hour of accomplishment!

Get a calendar and write each golden hour of time you allocate to your self-improvement with a RED Sharpie pen. Allow nothing to get in your way. This is your special time and it will be worth it in the experience and knowledge you glean from the hours spent on you.

Very soon others will begin to notice the changes you’ve made so admiration and opportunities will begin to show up in the most surprising ways at the most opportune times. That’s called “being in the flow” and it’s a space you should always commit to remaining where creativity, abundance and success find you and shower you with everything you desire.

Richard M. Krawczyk provides proven strategies in the areas of personal development, marketing, leadership and business strategy that help people instantly improve their personal and professional life. Richard is founder of Success International, LLC. More information: go

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