Money Monday 28: Should I consolidate debt? -$16,511

Money Monday 28: Should I consolidate debt? -,511

Should I consolidate debt/ buy a home?
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Frugal Mom 1 day ago
You did such a great job with your meals. Is it just sort of automatic for you now?
Fany M 2 days ago
Hi BG I bought a house with a 80/20 mortgage and I git a modification for the 80% one at 2% interest super happy about that. Then about the other 20% it was transferred to a collection agency acting like a mortgage lender, with monthly statements and charging the same amount of interest at 12% for .000. SO MY QUESTION IS? Should I stop paying them and save to offer a settlement once I get a chunk of money? Cuz I refuse to keep paying 0 in interest and to the principal. Is ridiculous.
Judith Janssen 2 days ago
Just curious: what was written on your hand?
mysummertouch 2 days ago
I haven’t seen your cash envelope system so far in any if your videos. have you done a video on it?
Meggadegs 6 days ago
Meant to ask a question because this is where I mess myself up with my budget. How do you deal with any online shopping. Do you take the money out of the relevant cash envelope eg clothing or personal spending and pay it back into your bank account or put it in a cash tin to roll over for the following month (taking it off that balance?)
Madeleine Norman 6 days ago
Love your channel. I got a student debt on 26.268 dollars. Low interest rate but I really want to get rid of it fast so I can spend those money on life instead of debt, atm I pay of 368 every 3rd month and that will keep me in debt until I am 45. Any idea? πŸ™‚
Debt Free Hopeful 6 days ago
Awesome video! Do you ever find your Dave Ramsey “weirdness” spilling into your work? When I picture the Mena newspaper it’s like a giant finance section with Dave Ramsey’s face in it lol
Stephanie Pulliam 6 days ago
How can a single mother of one buy a house one day? I know once I am out of debt it will be easier. It just seems impossible because of how much decent houses are here in Virginia. I make around 32,000. Just looking for some hope!πŸ˜€
Lila2cute 6 days ago
Hi BudgetGirl πŸ™‚ what is your thoughts about consolidating credit card debt? Thank You!!!
only1ladyk4ever 6 days ago
My Walmart will not price match. I have tried 3 times and each time I was told I had to use the Savings Catcher which isn’t catching anything lately. And how do you eat the same thing for a week. I work from home and even with left overs it hard for me to have the same think over and over ….can you help πŸ˜• Love you videos I wait for the new ones.
Amanda Lamb 1 week ago
Hey BG! I absolutely love your videos and have been a quiet watcher for a long time. I have recently paid off a loan (yay!) and am ready to tackle the rest of my credit card debt. However, I am now in a situation where I need to move out of my current living arrangements and am on the hunt for a new home. I live in an area where rent is HIGHLY inflated. It is well known and it is unlikely to change. I can hardly afford the monthly payments for rent to live in some very shady areas of town where I know I won’t feel safe. Oddly enough, I can afford the monthly payments for a mortgage (at a 3.4% interest rate, also including insurances, property taxes, and bills like water and electricity) in a safer area of town. The difference between prices seem illogical and somewhat immoral. I contacted city employees and representatives to see if I’m crazy and it turns out I’m not. The rent prices are legitimately higher than purchase prices. I also do not qualify for any sort of financial assistance for rent because my salary is above their requirements. So, my question is should I take the plunge and purchase a home? I do not plan on moving any time soon, I would still be able to save, eventually pay off my credit card debt, and would have a possible roommate to help with home expenses. But I’m somewhat afraid of taking on mortgage debt relatively unexpectedly. Any advice is absolutely appreciated!
MrsBB2013 1 week ago
Do you coupon?
beyonce paez 1 week ago
Hey BudgetGirl, love your videos I enjoy binge watching them while I do my budget. My question is regarding capital one 360 how long does it take for transactions from your regular bank and capital one account to be successful and does capital one 360 provide a debit card or it strictly online only transition. Thank you and keep knocking out debt.

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