Medicare Application

Medicare is a health insurance facilitated by the government among people from age 65 and above and for those who are younger than sixty five but has to meet a certain requisites and criteria to qualify. This health insurance is derived from portion of taxes remitted to the government by the employee, the employer and also a percentage on the social security contributions of the employee.

The common way of applying for a Medicare is a personal visit to social security offices, waiting for a representative to the office coupled with filling up of forms and mini talks about Medicare and other concerns. But now there is a quick and easy way to enroll oneself for Medicare, it is the on line Medicare application.  

Before engaging yourself in a Medicare application, an applicant should first satisfy and complete different requirements and pass all criteria regarding the application.  The applicant should be at least sixty five years old and above or below sixty five years old but with disabilities or illness that is on the set of criteria of Medicare.  Upon passing all the criteria available, one can apply for Medicare.   

As mentioned one can opt to visit a social security office and apply for a Medicare or go on line to save time and energy. The on line application for Medicare is very quick that it can be finished in ten minutes or less and it is easy because there are no forms to be filled up,. The process of application after you submitted all what is asked on the on line application will be under the social security office. You will just have to wait for your Medicare card through mail, if more information is required, you will be contacted by a social security representative.  

To access the Medicare on line enrollment, just visit the official website of the U.S. Social Security administration. From that page, just click on the “Apply Medicare” button.  You will be asked to select certain choices with regards to your application, if you are applying for yourself or for someone else’s who is visually impaired. After completing that phase you will be taken to a page that will be requiring your basic personal information, from your full name, birthday, gender and social security number. After submitting all information, a message will be prompted on the screen asking you to check if all your information is correct. Also will be displayed are contact number that you can use if you wish to talk to a social security officer to gain better understanding of the application. If all information is true and correct, submit your application and the social security office will be processing it right away.

For more information, or if you are having problems regarding the on line application, there are social security office that you can visit to personally process your Medicare application. There are also toll free lines or you can even set an appointment to the Social security office. For those who have hearing impairment, they also have their TTY number to facilitate your concerns.

The on line Medicare enrollment process is easy and fast but as an applicant, you have to make sure that all information they will need is entered correctly. They have pages linked on the website where you can read first and gain better understanding on what you are applying for.

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