Managing Bill Payments

Late charges on electricity bills, telephone bills, credit card statement or other monthly statements are very common problems at same time they do frustrate a lot. In order to avoid this problem all you need to do is segregate and schedule your bill payments. This would help you in avoiding unwanted late pay outs, at the same time it will also help you in effectively managing your monthly budgets and you would also be able to do some savings out of same income.

Here are the steps which can help you in overcoming late payments and gain a better and simple personal financial structure:

Have all bills at one place Sort out your bills and keep them separately at one place whenever checking your mails so that you do not misplace them and waste your time unnecessarily searching them. You can put them in your drawer, file cabinet or you can have a separate file folder. Store them in place which will be easy for you to remember.

Maintain files/folder No sooner you clear your bills and make the entry of the amount you have paid, file your paid bills in a folder and keep them safely form some time for your future reference.

Schedule a time table for clearing bills Fix a particular day when you will be clearing your all bills on weekly or monthly basis as per your requirement. Make sure you select the day which is comfortable for you and it should not be crossing your bill pay by date.

Keep track of bills you paid Maintain proper record of bills you are clearing each time at one place which would help you in maintaining accurate record of your account balance. You need to do this when you pay the bill because if you don’t you may forget when you paid the bill and how much was the amount paid by you.

Take external help You can take help from external sources like your friends or you may opt for a Virtual personal assistant who can pay bills in your behalf. The cost hiring a virtual assistant is very nominal and with small expenditure you can create more time and can use that additional time in doing other more important works.
Above five steps can surely help you in saving your time, money and surely it will ease your stress as you are well prepared in advance.

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