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The recession is biting and all companies big and small are looking to cut costs. Many companies send out parcels on a regular or irregular basis and this is an area that is often overlooked as a potential source of savings. So what are the options?

Companies that send out large numbers of parcels from a single location can often contract directly with a courier company such as DHL or DPD. The courier company will usually allocate an account manager and give advantageous rates since they are assured of bulk orders and they only need to schedule a single pickup.

But what if a company sends parcels less frequently? The major couriers are less interested in dealing directly with these guys. Royal mail is of course an option and rates are good for items under 2kg. Above 2Kg though things look less rosy since rates are expensive and it does need a trip to the local post office. Then when your parcel doesn’t get to where it’s going when you expect it to, who do you contact? From then on it’s nothing but hassle that busy SME managers can do without.

Many people may be unaware how easy it is to book a parcel delivery online through courier resellers and then have it collected from home or workplace.

Resellers, as the name suggests, re-sell the parcel delivery services of recognised couriers. Negotiation of bulk contracts with the couriers allows them to offer these services direct to the public at rates below those offered by the couriers direct. It’s a bit of a “compare the market” so entering a few details about the size of the parcel and its destination will give you the best parcel delivery option for your particular delivery. Many re-sell the services of couriers such as Parcelforce, DHL, DPD and Yodel so you can save substantial amounts of money by finding the best delivery option for your parcel and ordering parcel deliveries through these resellers.

But saving money isn’t the only consideration. SMEs need to know that they can track their parcel through its journey and that there is a single point of contact if something goes wrong, irrespective of which courier is actually delivering the parcel.

We all know that problems can occur with parcel delivery. Bad packaging and bad handling can lead to breakages, a parcel may go “missing” on route and when these things occur, the customer needs to know they can get issues resolved easily and without fuss. They want their query handled quickly and efficiently so resellers know that they have to provide excellent customer service if the customer is to use them again. Resellers are of course at the mercy of the courier companies to actually deliver the parcel and things that tend to go wrong are beyond their control but it is vital that they do done everything in their power to put things right. Resellers need to answer queries and complaints promptly and efficiently. A direct line and Live Chat facilities help in this process. It is important that resellers give the customer a personal touch which the large courier companies on many occasions fail to achieve.

In summary, SMEs can often make substantial savings and simplify their administration by using courier resellers. A useful tool in the battle against the recession.

Debra Caunce represents which is one of the UK’s leading courier resellers and has been operating for approximately 5 years. They arrange delivery of 1,000s of parcels every week throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. They can be found at


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