Loan Calculator – Calculate Loan Interest, Amortization Schedule, Repayment and more!

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Quick, easy and accurate loan calculations in a matter of seconds!

Learn how to calculate loans with this 1 minute video and be more financially savvy.

Calculate the details of a loan and understand the following before taking any loan:
– Loan Interest
– Amortization Schedule
– Repayment Amount
– Summary of the loan for easy comparison with others

Useful for cases/situations such as, but not limited to:
– EMI calculation
– Bank loans / student loans
– Auto loans / vehicle loans
– Home loans / housing loans / mortgage
– Even loans to and from a friend!

Adjust any value to see changes in the other values instantly. Know how much you have to pay every period and for how long.

Simply enter any of the following 3 to get the value of the blank one!
1) Loan amount
2) Interest rate
3) Loan term
4) Payment per period

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