Learn To Stop Chasing Prosperity

As the days turn to nights, have you decided how you will live your life with more time freedom? Are you living a prosperous life or just living a life? In the past have you been a part of different businesses to add to your financial security? Did the business you are or were involved in touted the prosperity notion to you? Of course, one of the first thing  that comes to mind is the thought of the money you would soon be making. Surely, you can attest to the fact that  you wanted to be prosperous but it never came at least not in the way you wanted it to. Perhaps, the business you were looking at did not align with your passion. Perhaps, you are chasing the money aspect of the business and can not relate to the service or it’s product therefore not adding real value for your clients to purchase from you. Perhaps you have not studied and personally developed  your skills enough to gain momentum in your business.

Whatever the case may be, wanting to earn money ever so quickly is seldom  possible because there are always a learning curve in any business. It’s not possible to draw the right kind of prospects to you because people can sense a shark  a mile away when all your thinking about is yourself and not what’s in your clients best interest. Maybe you thought this network marketing, home business, entrepreneurial adventure would be easy so to speak. Besides, it seems so simple enough. It seems easy to  be earning and duplicating all the way to the top with ease. Maybe the products are not all that bad and you could get your warm market to buy a few dozen and even join you in the business. So, it seems perfectly normal to think that prosperity would soon find you in this new business venture doesnt it?

Well, so far you’re still  not making any progress, broke and disheartened; all of  your friends and family have run away from you. Frankly, you can even see the skid mark clearly on the road as they drove away doing 80mph. Why, you may ask? Well, for many reasons but lets just concentrate on one. It is because  you are searching for  prosperity as an outcome not as a state of being. Read that again. Believe me when I say It took me a while for this to sink in too. However, once I learned how to change my thinking my business revolved around my prosperous self and not the other way around.

Therefore, no matter what business you are in you must decide in what prosperous state you will work. You must  be determine to prosper in a state of compassion, forgiveness, courageousness, loving kindness, purposefulness etc. Remember, it is a state of being that you are after. It works once you make a decision to apply it in your life and throughout your business. The basic tenet is to choose your prosperous self and become the person you are meant to be. 

Here is a little exercise that I have found to be helpful in order to start regaining your prosperous self because as you grow in mind you do so in spirit. Today, find an area in your home where you can close  your eyes and concentrate on yourself, your desires, your emotions. Feel them and think of something great, something  you were once afraid to do and did it afraid anyway. A certification you passed, a project you finished on time, a problem you solved, a subject you taught etc. Now, let that feeling act as a catalyst for thirty  minutes or so. How does that feel?

Remember. when you feel good about yourself… your life and business opens up on  a grand scale . Your homework would be to jot down how you felt for the entire exercise. Yes! homework is involved with this exercise.  You can use this exercise to place you in a prosperous state everytime you feel disconnected. Believe me it works if you decide to do it. Remember life is about choices, so choose to be in a state of gratitude. Why? Because you are worth it, always! 

Marlene McCray is a Life & Leadership Coach and Network Marketer  whose desire is to help women get out of debt, increase their finances by choosing to overcome obstacles and understand their flaws can be attractive like the coal before it turns to diamonds. Contact: marlenemccray@fallintoyou.com  You can train to be a professional Life Coach at the Compass School of Coaching. Get tips and resources free at our Personal Development Network http://www.mylifecompass.com/estime