Karma Plus Review -Harvey Head Cleaner is a utility

Harvey Head Cleaner is a utility program designed to prevent clogged heads in inkjet printers.

It reduces the need for wasteful head cleanings, keeps the printer ready to print and extends the printer’s life.

Harvey Head Cleaner has been keeping inkjet printers running right since it was introduced in the spring of 2006.

Harvey Head Cleaner is being used by people who depend on their inkjet printers, all over the world. Photographers, printers, awards companies, sign companies, small businesses and others who have invested in good printers.

Harvey exercises print heads automatically, preventing clogged heads and other related printer problems.

Currently Harvey Head Cleaner is only Windows-based, for use with computers using Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. We’ll soon be resuming our quest for a Mac-friendly Harvey Head Cleaner, and we’re accepting email addresses of people who’s like to be notified when one is ready for testing.

Because Harvey has to be able to awaken a sleeping computer, the program has to live deeper in an operating system than most programs. This makes the design of the software that much more difficult, and especially for a Mac environment. We’ve had some recent encouragement about developing a Mac friendly Harvey and we’re accepting email addresses of people who’d like to be notified when there’s a Mac Harvey ready for testing.
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An inkjet printer uses virtually no power when not printing. We attached a Watt useage meter to several inkjet printers and could not get any reading at all above .00 when not being used. I’m sure there was actually some wattage to light the power-on LED, but it was too small to measure.

There needs to be a clear path from the computer where Harvey is installed to the printer. This may require that a server or another computer must remain powered up also, if the path goes through them to get to the printer. Harvey can awaken the computer on which it’s installed, but it cannot awaken a computer further down the network. So in a LAN situation you are best to install the program on the computer to which the printer is attached.

Harvey cannot flip the switch on a A-B box, but today most printers are run by USB and there is no practical limit to how many printers can be run by Harvey off one computer.

We’ve got three versions running four printers in our graphics area. We’ve got the printers all set on different schedules – one is once weekly, two are daily and one is twice weekly.

If you computer is set to boot up when power is restored, then Havey will print as soon as booting up is completed if a scheduled printing was missed. It won’t wait for the next scheduled print time.

There are three versions of Harvey Head Cleaner for Epson printers, one version for all other desktop inkjet printers, and one version for most large format printers.

For a full explanation of which version is recommended for your printers, please go to Supported Printers.

We completely guarantee that you’ll love Harvey.

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Read a full insiders review About Karma Plus