Jack Skellington and Sally Costume

Planning a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party? Just planning on having your spooky friends over for a night of fright? We have the perfect center piece for your Wiccan Gathering!

The world’s most popular board game meets a cult classic movie to create “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly Board Game.” Just released by USAopoly under license from Hasbro you will have all the fun of the original Monopoly with a totally haunting and ghoulish makeover, featuring colorful photography from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Let us just step back a little and have a quick think of all the movies and the characters that have come out of the great mind of Tim Burton. There are a lot yes, a lot of fantastic characters, and out of all these great characters we are able to find some unbelievable stunning costumes that will have you been a completely crazy and unique costume king this Halloween.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” was the first full-length stop motion animation film ever produced. To give you some idea why that might be – Santa Claus had more than 50 different moving parts, Sally had 10 different interchangeable faces each with 11 different expressions and Jack had more than 400 separate interchangeable heads each handcrafted with a different facial expression. If that weren’t enough, at the height of production, it took the animators an entire week to produce only 70 seconds of film time. Yikes.
Boo-nus: In an homage to the Charlie Brown comics and cartoons, no adult faces are shown in the film.

Every body knows the movies of Tim Burton and most of us love them (I am a true ecstatic fan for one) and how could you not love them. Most are just stunningly shot and there are a lot of tragic romantic elements to his movie that can just blow you away. Lets take a recap on the crazy characters that I can think of, and the costumes available for each, and see if you can get inspiration on what you would love to dress up as this year.

Sally was the woman put together by the Mad Doctor of Halloweentown. She was in love with Jack Skellington and stuck through his adventures to try and change Christmas when they went horribly wrong. It takes a special kind of girl with the right kind of stitching to be Sally! Standard costume includes: Dress, glovelettes and wig.

Of course, the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations won’t be complete without the main character, Jack Skellington. If you are going for this theme, make sure to have him in your Christmas decors. To give him more of that Christmas feel, you can probably add a red and green plaid scarf and tie it to his neck. He will be a great focal point in your buffet table or on top of your fireplace if you host the party.

Jack Skellington and the beautiful Sally from the wonderful A Nightmare Before Christmas are two of the most lovable characters you can find and two of my favorite. There are plenty of different costume styles available for both and they are fantastic looking.