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The credit of making PDF popular as a cross platform, after Adobe goes to Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad. Apple made it possible to create PDF files in Mac OS X through the Print dialogue box. Before printing document it hast to be previewed in PDF format. This was a symbiotic relationship between the Apple and Adobe. Most of the graphic artists and desk top publishers exchanged information in PDF format much before OS X was developed.

PDF is the necessary utility tool for every computer users either who is new or experienced user of computer all requires PDF. Many company and organization using PDF for creating letter pad, presentation paper and documentation. Same way now different mobile requires PDF, for printing purpose PDF is the best option. Relationship of Adobe and Apple will give new touch to PDF.

The everyday users have been benefited by this because a lot of practical purposes have been served. The fax has been mostly replaced by PDFs.

The PDFs can be read on the iPad and iPhone with the help of Safari and other application like Evernote and GoodReader. A special category was created when Save2PDF was introduced by EuroSmartz especially for iPad and iPhone.

Save2PDF facilitates the user with excellent document management and capabilities for synchronizing with other functionalities.

If there is an application that allows printing while having a view of something, tapping the sharing dropdown menu saves the file in PDF format. The sharing drop down menu is exhibited as a curved arrow that points right side.

Once the installation of the Save2PDF is completed successfully, tapping Print leads to the appearance of dialogue box. This dialogue box permits saving the PDF file in the local directory.

Some of the salient features of Save2PDF application are as follows:

You can download the files from Dropbox, Google Docs, and other cloud services and save those files in PDF format
This application makes the collection of documents quite easy.
The PDF files can be exported to other cloud locations.
The PDF files can be previewed
The text files can be created
The application along with a built-in web browser allows the saving and emailing of web pages in PDF format
The individual folders or files can be renamed, organized and can be zipped. This assists in optimum use of storage capacity.
One can also email the PDF files
The PDF file can be opened in other applications like Noterize, GoodReader and Evernote too.
One can easily have accesses to the photos and contacts
This application facilitates the combination of multiple files in to one PDF file

Functionality wise the Save2PDF is very unique but not without some loopholes. The application crashed more than one when tested on the iPod while running iOS 4.2 followed by iOS 4.3. Some of the user interface icons are not of much need especially in the day to day utility. Despite repeated use of the application, the functional capability of the Plus (+) is difficult to remember.

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