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You don’t have to lose money on your Real Estate Investing Deals any longer because I’ve developed a tool just for you. It is EASY to use, and quickly and clearly shows you exactly what a potential Real Estate investment will do giving you the confidence to make your best offer!

When was the last time your Real Estate Agent called you with a potential deal, and you felt really sure that you understood the numbers and were confident it wouldn’t lose you money?

If you are like me, I froze up with analysis paralysis when I started investing in Real Estate, because I didn’t fully grasp the numbers, and what they meant.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel like that anymore.

By using my Investment Property Calculator, you’ll be able to analyze a property and understand the numbers in only 10 minutes.

*You’ll Stop Buying Properties that don’t cash flow. Know right away whether or not it carries itself every month.

*You’ll Create A 20-Year statement of Cash Flow for the property you are looking at, complete with all the ratios your banker or mortgage brokers needs for a fast approval.

*You’ll Quickly Discover the properties Net Cash Flow, Debt Reduction, Appreciation, and Total Return so you know where your returns are coming from.

*You’ll Beat Other Investors to the good properties, as you’ll know within minutes whether you want to buy the property, and what your offer will be.

If it is KNOWLEDGE that you are lacking, you’ll gain it by using my calculator. If it is CONFIDENCE you are lacking, then my tool will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to take the next step. The next step is ACTION. And it is only through ACTION that we get RESULTS.

When I started talking with my friends and associates about the possibility of selling my tool, I asked them what they thought it was worth. The numbers that came back to me amazed me.

I asked them why they gave me the prices they did, and they said the reason was because comparable tools in the market right now are selling for $ 497, $ 797 and $ 1297! I was blown away.

Now, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my Real Estate education over the years, and all that education has gone into my Investment Property Calculator. I want to save you the time and frustration that I went through.

As Zig Zigler says “Help Enough People Get What They Want, And You’ll Get Everything You Want.” That’s why you can Download My Investment Property Calculator Right Now For Only $ 97.

I’m giving away, for FREE, 2 more amazing products for those of you who purchase my Investment Property Calculator. The products will be on your computer in the next 5 minutes so you can immediately begin to read and use their great information.

You don’t have to wait for UPS or the Post Office to deliver them to you. You can download them in the next 5 minutes when you buy the Investment Property Calculator.

This Will Show You:

* What you need to focus on when looking at a property
*Why your Investing Team is critical to your success
*Why it pays to shop around for the best mortgage
*Why jumping in without educating yourself sets you up for failure

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In this video I go through evaluating a cash flow/ or rental property and how you can get access to a free property investment calculator. As a beginning, intermediate or advanced real estate investor you make your money when yo u buy.

If you don’t buy right you can end up not making as much money as you planned or losing money all together. I go through all the factors you should take into consideration when analyzing a rental property. Running the numbers to ensure a postive cash flow.

Many beginner and some intermediate real estate investors overlook some fundamental pieces of investing in rentals. If you are looking a step by step how to run the numbers on a rental property you have the right video. And you have an opportunity to get access to a property investment calculator for free too.

In less than 20 minutes you will have the formula to evaluate any rental property nationwide. Save yourself time and agony of trying to figure the rental house business out and watch this video for the clear cut formula of how to put these types of deals together.

If there was a class on investing in rentals 101 this fundamental formula for running the numbers would be in it.

Here are the fundamental pieces to flipping cashflow rentals covered in this training video:

1. Finding the Market Rents for Your Investment Property
2. Understand and Figure Out What the Expenses of Owning Rental Property Are
3. Learn to Use a Mortgage Calculator
4. Analyze the Investment Property to Ensure the Desired Cash Flow on a Month to Month Basis.

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