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Party becomes a reminder of enjoyment and relaxation, which a normal rhetoric life does not contain. This is a general perception of party and the ones who like to attend. All of us are party goers, it is not a specific crowd but, we all are typically involved in the same. There are some who enjoy party more than others, and there are some who detest those enjoying. But at the end we all fall in the category of enjoyment. Party is a reminder of comfortable surrounding, music, dance and many such attributes. To be a part of the same, there is tendency for being involved and forming part of the gala celebration commonly called partying. There is exposure of new friends, renewals pf old friendships, surprises and much more. But in the course of these enjoyments one also evaluates him / herself in comparison to the peer group; this is the opening of new avenues and new events for individual growth / development.

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