How to Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

This video tells about Personal loan emi calculator, how to use it and what are the advantages of BankBazaar calculator. Use sliders to change loan amount, tenure, rate of interest to know actual EMI that you will pay to clear Personal Loan present at

Personal Loan EMI Calculator – Check Eligibility
Get your personal loan eligibility in a minute!
0:11 Hello Friends…Welcome to tremendous collections If you have not subscribed to my channel,
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0:24 Loan eligibility Let’s go to this website this website address link will be provided
0:34 in the description column Where you can get personal loan eligibility in a minute first
0:41 you need to fill this form Where do you live currently Bangalore the city name?
0:49 When did you move to the current city depending like 2017, 2016 before 2013Residence type
0:57 owned rented owned by parents When did you move to current city before 2013?Enter your
1:06 date of birth Type of employment salaried you need to mention your company name exact
1:17 company name talentpro staffing solution Joining date of the current employer before 2013 your
1:31 total work experience greater than 6 years monthly take home salary 40000 I am just mentioning
1:41 the amount whatever the amount you get you can mention over there total emi currently
1:46 you pay if you are paying home loan or any other emi you can mention calculates accordingly
1:54 is your salary deposited in HDFC Bank if yes mention yes if no mention no.
2:02 Mobile number is optional because you might get lot of call once you updated so you don’t
2:08 need to enter mobile number just enter your name entering my name Deepak it calculates
2:14 my Eligibility Okay it is calculating the eligibility, it is calculated my eligibility
2:25I can take loan amount of 4.4 lakhs for the tenure of 4 years monthly payment, monthly
2:35 emi will be 12407 interest rate is 15.72 fixed and total cost will be 6 lakhs it is considered
2:46 your loan amount 4 Lakh interest is 1 Lakh 55000 fees plus tax total cost will this much
2:55 lets go back and change the company name let see for the company name Tata consultancy
3:06 services check my Eligibility okay when talentpro was there my Eligibility loan amount was 4.4
3:19 lakhs when I changed the company name to TCS it is showing my eligibility it is 8 lakhs
3:27 and my tenure is 5 years you can reduce the tenure the minimum tenure should be 1 year
3:32 minimum Eligibility should be 50000 and my monthly payment is 18035 and if you see the
3:39 interest rate previously it was 15.72 for talentpro and for TCS is 12.59 interest rate
3:51 the total cost will be 10 lakh adding everything you have lot of discounts and I don’t want
3:59 for 5 years you can do it for 3 years but the eligibility limit will change accordingly
4:08 6.4 lakhs and you can see the interest rate is just 13 % that’s good and there some
4:17 super saver offer save 3.3 lower rate if you want you can click and check the offer once
4:26 you have finalized click on Apply now this will be sent to your HDFC Bank they will contact
4:35 you the loan will be sanctioned within 48hours thank you for watching my video please LIKE-SUBSCRIBE
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