How to Find the Top Dividend Stocks

Find out for yourself how you can find the strongest top dividend stocks available in the stock market today. When you check out our website, it provides investors with top dividend stocks that are ready for both big moves up and high income yields. There are many different top dividend stocks that we are able to identify with our proven scans that become very profitable.

Momentum Rider has scanned the lists of all of the top dividend stocks and they have created a top fundamental and technical group of stocks that should do extremely well in 2012. These lists are typically provided free of charge. All of these stocks should provide good appreciation and solid yields. However, in order to invest in top dividend stocks properly, you need to look at the trends of the markets as well.

For this reason, we constantly monitor the market trends, and provide you with short-term as well as long-term moving average analysis every week. We monitor all of the key markets, including the dollar and the US and foreign markets. Our expert staff keeps track of the important macro events and the news with all of the top companies in order to provide you with maximum profitability and income yield opportunities.

Momentum Rider is strongly anticipating that the Euro crisis will continue to damage the market, and the lack of a pro-market candidate in the US government may prevent big market movement upward in 2012. For this reason, we still believe that the risks are still on the downside, in spite of ECB moves to improve the Euro value and liquidity. All of the stock selection decisions that we make will continue to be based upon technical analysis and headlines, to help our investors navigate the market. This enables the best decisions on the selection of top dividend stocks.

In spite of this focus, we are still optimistic on the US recovery metrics, the low historic valuations and the potential that could surprise investors with an improved US GDP growth. Although these valuations are extremely attractive, investors still need to proceed with caution, because of the possibility of a European recession. This is why Momentum Rider is very big on trend following and momentum trading, even with the top dividend stocks.

Momentum Rider also provides free weekly stock picks on top dividend stocks in their weekly newsletter. These top dividend stocks are projected to provide the highest yields, particularly when the European crisis calms down. In spite of the fact that top dividend stocks do have some risk of having the dividend cut back, we can provide you with a superior list of top dividend stocks that we project are going to stand a great chance of holding steady or even growing in 2012.

If you would like to find out more about top dividend stocks, and how our company can help you best use our stock picks, top investments and so much more, check us out at We want to provide you with only the highest quality, best educational and informational material available when it comes to investing and trading in top dividend stocks. Find out for yourself how you can improve your portfolio today by investing in the top dividend stocks in the stock market. is a site that has reached out to those that are interested in learning the stock market and that want to find the top dividend stocks.

The company provides many valuable resources and education that will quickly get you going and that will provides a thorough understanding of the market and how stocks can make you wealthy. This is one of the most rewarding times in history to purchase dividend stocks and one that you can get your foot in the door and on the way to turning a profit for a very low investment, provided you invest in the quality education like what our company offers.

There are many millions that have been ordinary men and women that have taken the time to invest in learning and in return have reaped the rewards from our top dividend stocks lists.

Recognizing Top Dividend Stocks is a skill that is learned through the proper education. To learn how to get the most from the stock market and dividend stock investing, visit

The 3 Top Dividend Stocks for 2014

Dividends are the easiest, and most direct pathway to participate in the record earnings in corporate America. It’s easy to look at a company’s quarterly payout of just a quarter and think to yourself: “What a crock! That’s barely anything.”

But when put in the right context, dividends can be the difference between average, and wealth-creating returns. That’s especially true for long-term, buy-to-hold investors.

On top of that, dividends inject billions of dollars into the worldwide economy every year. Which companies payout the most in dividends? Motley Fool contributor Brian Stoffel highlights three companies that—when combined—will be giving back over billion in 2014 alone.

In the video below, Motley Fool contributor Brian Stoffel tells us who these three dividend stalwarts are, and whether or not they’re worth investigating.

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