How to Choose Your Signature Scent

Every woman needs her signature scent. Yes, just one perfume alone is never enough. Ideally, a woman should have a fragrance wardrobe, pretty much like her regular clothing wardrobe. A fragrance for a dinner date may not be right for the office. The scent you wear to work may not be sexy enough for a night of passion.

Yet, like your regular clothes wardrobe, where you may have a little black dress or outfit which you wear most of the time. A fail safe outfit you’d wear for most occasion. The same goes for your fragrance wardrobe, with your signature scent taking the place of your little black dress.

This should be a scent that expresses your personality. Subtle enough for work, yet sexy enough for intimate time with your other half. Perfumes have personalities. Some are sunny and cheerful. Some are flirty. Others are downright sexy. Some may be light and fresh. Others sensual and womanly. Which suits your personality most of the time?

A scent with grapefruit is youthful.
Citrus scents like orange, lemon, bergamot and also grapefruit are summy and cheerful.
Ylang ylang, sandalwood and jasmine are sensual.
Rose is feminine.
Melon and fruity scents are light and fresh.
Cucumber is a fresh, sporty scent that is endogenous.
Mint wakes you up and is energetic.
Musk and jasmine are downright seductive.

Typically, a perfume is a bouquet of these and more notes, that give the perfume its distinctive personality. Here’s how you can choose your scent. Test a scent on each wrist. Let it settle for an hour, then sniff each scent to compare. At the end of the day, sniff and compare the scents again. Do you particularly like any of them?

Personally, I like chanel coco mademoiselle because it is a feminine, sexy scent that is light enough for the office and romantic enough for time with my other half. Your signature scent may be something very different altogether. Pick one that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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How To Find A Signature Scent | What Your Fragrance Says About You | Finding Your Signature Scents

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