How Long Will it Take to Build My Home?

It is really hard to put a certain time on when your project will be finished. There are so many different factors that can extend or shorten the process by months. However, there should always be a period of six months that can go either way from unexpected delays or events. While building you could run across a huge road bump that you didn’t plan, you need to be aware of this and know its part of building a home. What if some of your supplies don’t arrive on time, or maybe your workers didn’t show up for work. This things happen all the time and will slow down your building speed.

When building your new home the best thing to do is be patient and flexible. If you become short tempered and frustrated with other people it will not make for a good working environment. As a result, this can actually lengthen the project time because you will have angry contract workers who won’t want to do any work. Remember this is the home you want to stay in and enjoy for your retirement. Try to take that relaxed mindset into the building process, keep everything cool even when unexpected plans happen. If everything is rushed and not properly thought out you will run into problems with your home later on. Poor and half effort work results in a badly built home.

With that being said it is still fine to get an estimated time frame for your project. Here are some things you need to consider to decide an get an educated guess on how long it will take you to make your home:

Finding your property. The time for you to get your land will all depend on how fast you find something you like and the property owner. Some times it may take years before you find that perfect piece of land you were always looking for. Often once the land has been purchased, you may not have permission to built for months. This process can take anywhere from months to years.
Designing your home. As you can imagine there is no set time for your designing decisions. You could pick something really fast or you could take months to really find the perfect style you want your home to look like. Most designs must be spent in for approval before you can even start so keep that in mind.
Building. Once you have everything set up and planned out you need to start the building process. This period will all depend on how many people who you have working on the home and what the size of the home will be. It makes sense that the more people you have working on the home the faster it will be done.
Moving in. This time period is entirely up to you.

So the exact time period is very hard to set. The best way to complete your project as fast as possible is to have everything planned out before. This lowers the risk of mistakes and setbacks.

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