Hot Stocks Under 5 2010 – The Pros and Cons of Preferred Stocks

Hot Stocks Under 5 2010

If you have been looking at buying some stocks or shares you may have come across the term preferred stocks. But what does it mean, and are these stocks any more beneficial than common stocks?

Let’s take a look at what preferred stocks are to begin with. Basically speaking if you own preferred stocks in a company you will be paid a dividend on those stocks before any other common stockholders receive anything. This means that the common stockholders may not get anything, but you should still receive a payout.

The main benefit of this is of course safety. You are more likely to make money with preferred stocks to an extent, because if the dividends are limited the preferred stockholders will be first in the queue for payment. On the negative side however, because they are a safer bet you won’t have the same opportunity to make a higher profit. So you need to consider how safe you want your investment to be before deciding whether to buy such stocks or not. Hot Stocks Under 5 2010

Preferred stocks do offer the benefit of some advance knowledge though. If they pay a fixed dividend you can look at them and know how much profit you can look forward to. If you owned normal stocks you wouldn’t have that advantage.

But the downside of this is that common stocks could rise by a huge amount and end up being more profitable than preferred stocks. You need to ask yourself how much risk you want to have with your investment, and what you would like to earn from it.

Of course some businesses – no matter how successful they might have been in the past – end up going under at some point. You would hope that this wouldn’t happen to you because your shares could end up being worth nothing at all.

This is one situation in which having preferred stock is a good thing. In this case you would very likely get your money back – or at least some of it. In essence it can provide you with a small cushion of protection as opposed to nothing at all.

So if you are thinking of buying some shares and you don’t like the risks associated with common stocks, consider buying preferred stocks instead. They might just be what you are looking for, and they are certainly the safer option in general. Hot Stocks Under 5 2010

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We here at TBP are all about putting weapon systems head-to-head for an all out war of who will reign supreme… today we have our first ever “VS.” review: the highly adaptable FN SCAR 17S vs. the Cadillac of AR-10’s, the MEGA Arms MA-TEN. These two popular rifles chambered in .308 (7.62x51mm) are put to the test for accuracy, comfort, reliability, ruggedness, and adaptability. We put a 1/2″ thick steel plate out at 600+ yards and take turns on both weapon systems and give you our overall thoughts and opinions in regards to both of these stellar firearms and which one would serve it’s owner better (including our thoughts on the optics). We go prone for this shootout on top of one of our TBP – mobiles: an M1009 Blazer (used military model). However, please bear in mind… it is 100% dependent on the person firing the weapon as well as the situation, mission, desired goal, etc., in regards to overall preference of either of these platforms. Anyway, we love to throw some .308 around, and this review gave us a great excuse to do just that! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the review.

The Bullet Points on the FN SCAR 17S / SCAR-H:
• Model: SCAR 17S (SOCOM Combat Assault Rifle)
• AKA: SCAR-H (SCAR “Heavy”)
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Short-Stroke Gas Piston, Semi-Auto (Rotating, Locking-Bolt)
• Barrel: Free-Floating, Cold Hammer-Forged MIL-SPEC Barrel with a Hardchromed Bore (1 in 12″ Twist)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Fully Ambidextrous
• Manufacturer: FN Herstal (FNH USA)
• Country of Origin: USA / Belgium
• Year Released: 2009
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum (Upper Receiver) and Polymer (Lower Receiver)
• Magazine Capacity: 10 – 20 rds.
• Barrel Length: 16.25″
• Overall Length: 28.5″ (Buttstock Folded) – 38.5″ (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 8 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: ,349
• Availability: Fair
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Stellar Ergonomics, Reliable and Rugged, Battle-Ready, Fully Ambidextrous Controls, Forward Charging Handle, Excellent Cartridge, Unique Design, Interchangeable Barrel Ability, Monolithic Rail, Folding & Telescoping Stock, Adjustable Cheek Weld, Great for Long Distance, etc.
• Cons: Not Recommended for CQB, Cheap Feeling Stock, Uncomfortable Cheek Weld, Iron Sights, Price, Does Not Take AR-10/SR25 Magazines (Magpul PMags), etc.
• Manufacturer: US Optics
• Model: SN-3 w/EREK Knob
• Zoom: 1.8x — 10x
• Objective Lens: 44mm Low Profile
• Reticle: MDMOA
• Tube: 30 mm
• Rings: Nightforce 30 mm High
• MSRP: ,652 (Not Including Rings)

The Bullet Points on the MEGA Arms MA-TEN AR-10:
• Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO / .308 Winchester
• Action: Direct Gas Impingement (Rotating, Locking Bolt)
• Barrel: JP Supermatch w JP EnhancedBolt, Button Rifled 1:10 Twist Rate
• Buffer/Spring: JP Silent Capture Spring System
• Bolt/BCG: JP EnhancedBolt and JP LMOS (Low Mass Operating System)
• Style: Large-Size, Semi-Auto Rifle
• Controls: Right-Handed Ejection w Ambidextrous Bolt Release
• Manufacturer: Mega Arms/JP Rifles/Magpul/DPMS
• Year Released: 2010
• Material: Hard-Anodized Monolithic Aluminum MTS-4400 Upper Receiver with Hard-Anodized Lower
• Magazine Capacity: 5 – 20 rds. (SR25 Magazines For This Setup)
• Barrel Length: 18″
• Overall Length: 37.2″ (Buttstock Collapsed) – 40.0″ (Buttstock Extended)
• Weight: 9.1 lbs. (Unloaded)
• MSRP: Custom Built (,448.80 – JP) + (7 – MA-TEN Upper/Lower Set) + (.99 – DPMS Lower Parts Kit) + (4.90 – Magpul Furniture) – TOTAL = 70.69
• Availability: MA-TEN Monolithic Is Currently Not Being Produced Due to Pending Copyright Lawsuits (They May Still Be Able to Make Them For One of Their Custom Clients) But Comparable Upper/Lower Combos From Mega Arms Have A Fair Availability, All Other Parts Are Easily Obtainable (With A Wait)
• Optic Used: Nightforce NXS F1
• Overall TBP Rating: 8/10
• Pros: Familiar Feel (It’s an AR-15 on Steroids), Ergonomics, Takes Magpul PMags & Standard AR-10 Mags, Rugged, Smooth Trigger, Comfortable Cheek Weld, Nice Stock, JP Parts Functioned Well, Reliable, Accurate, Low Recoil, etc.
• Cons: Availability, Weight, Fixed Stock, Length, etc.
• Manufacturer: Nightforce
• Model: F1 NXS
• Zoom: 3.5x — 15x
• Objective Lens: 50mm
• Reticle: NP-RF1
• Tube: 30mm
• Larue Tactical QD LT135
• MSRP: ,467 (Not Including Rings)

Some of the equipment / accessory brands featured in this review:
– Magpul
– Nightforce
– US Optics
– 5.11
– Blackhawk
– Tru-Spec
– Oakley
– Mechanix
– Remington
– Winchester

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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