Hindi to English dictionary

Learning a new language is never easy. But there is a tool which is important for all language learners. It is the dictionary which is the most important companion of any language learner. For Hindi speakers, the Hindi to English dictionary is indispensable.

Nowadays, with the increasing penetration of the internet and mobile devices, the dictionary no longer remains just a paper book. Dictionaries are available all over the internet on various language learning sites. There are also mobile applications available which function as dictionaries.

There are many occasions when a Hindi to English dictionary can come in handy. Most of the time, when a language learner thinks of something he wants to say in English, he translates the sentence in his mind from his native language. However, more often than not, there might be a couple of words or phrases that the person is not sure of. A handy dictionary comes to the rescue in such a situation.

On the other hand, while reading English newspapers or magazines, learners come across words which are unfamiliar. Checking out such new words in the dictionary helps gain better understanding of the text and also enhance vocabulary.

A bilingual dictionary serves many other purposes. Many diligent learners spend hours looking through the dictionary to learn new words. Even learning ten new words can help greatly enhance his vocabulary in a short while. Hence, a Hindi to English dictionary is a must for any English language learner.

When somebody who is from a Hindi background is learning English for the first time one of the most important tools they can have is a Hindi to English dictionary. Apart from the obvious use of literal translation, a dictionary also helps the individual in garnering new words and converting their existing Hindi vocabulary into an English vocabulary as well.

As we would remember that even in school times the dictionary would be the most important tool in learning any language. This is especially true when one is learning a totally different language from the one they are comfortable in, as is the case with Hindi speakers learning English. Not only is the script completely different from anything they have learned but spoken English is also of a different accent and cadence.

The Hindi to English dictionary provides the student with helpful clues about spelling of words but also gives them a translation of the correct pronunciation and even their usage, for example the Hindi word batti which is used interchangeably for ‘light’ and ‘electricity’ in the general usage of Hindi. However in English ‘light’ is something provides illumination through natural or electrical means while electricity is a supply of electric current that may provide light to a place. So carefully reading the given translations and the example sentences in the Hindi to English dictionary, the student can get an idea of how the English words are differently used than the Hindi ones even if they mean the same.

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