Here’s How an Average Student Can Get Into Medical School – With a 2.00 GPA

Our dreams and desires do not always come easily as any postgraduate student will affirm. With the long hours of preparation needed and the years that have been endured to reach the postgraduate level, one must want to achieve their goal more than anything else in the world at that time. It must feel as though it is more important to you than air. Among these difficult journeys are those attempting to get into medical school. Because each school has a limited number of seats available each year, competition is intense. Moreover, for those pursuing the chance of getting into medical school with a 2 00 GPA, the challenge is even greater. Although it is not impossible, the climb will just be harder.

For many years, the pre-medical student has been told how important his or her grades are and will be in the near future. Then when it actually comes to pass, many feel getting into medical school with a 2 00 GPA is hopeless. This may cause a number of potential students to throw their hands up and declare their dream dead. And while it is true that applying oneself earlier on would have made the situation easier, all is not lost. In addition to GPA, medical schools will also review a student’s character, background, clubs, volunteer work, references and yes of course their MCAT scores.

If you can seriously apply yourself to study, prepare and practice for the MCAT, this may be your chance to shine.  Because your low GPA will generate flags in the minds of the committees reviewing your application, you must overshadow it will a stellar MCAT performance. Getting into medical school with a 2 00 GPA is not going to be easy but if you are not ready to let your dream go, then you have no choice but to ace the MCAT.

While a brilliant performance on the MCAT does not solidify a position in a medical school, it has been documented that students applying with a low GPA that have been able to redeem themselves through the MCAT have been admitted to a number of medical schools. Others have found that getting into medical school with a 2 00 GPA is not just a pipe dream and can be accomplished through diligent study, practice, preparation and a determination that just will not die.

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